lundi, janvier 30, 2017

Hey Gang,

As we said at the end of last year, you can expect our development velocity to increase now that we’ve got the architecture and so many of our foundational systems in place.

This week, we wanted to give you a heads up about a few things on the horizon.

Inventory Transition

The new inventory system (which includes the floating windows) is now functional, and (fingers crossed) we hope to have worked most of the major bugs out of the system. This means the infamous take-bug, the ghost-items bug and the overloaded-crafting-effects bugs should be gone. Please put the system through the paces this weekend and let us know what we missed!

Knight Redux

This weekend, we are launching a complete re-balance of the Knight archetype. In truth, this work was overdue – the Knight was the first archetype we implemented, so his power set has become increasingly unimpressive with each new archetype introduced.

What does “re-balance” mean, exactly? I’m glad you asked! Details about the changes will be the focus of tomorrow’s update on Thursday, February 2nd.

We think these changes will make the Knight competitive with (and as interesting as) our other archetypes – but ultimately, that’s for you guys to say. Give him a try this weekend and let us know your thoughts!

New Archetype: the Templar

The Templar archetype will be added next, right on the heels of the Knight refactor.

Final details about her power set will be dropping next week, after which we’ll add her to the playtest so that you guys can try out her powers and give us your feedback.

(and, just because it can’t hurt to repeat it: yes, there will be a male version of the Templar available at launch, too… and a female knight, and a male confessor, and a female Champion, etc, etc. These archetypes aren’t gender locked; we just test one gender first so that we can work the kinks out of one set of animations and spell FX, instead of two.)

Parade of Homes (and Housing Sale extension)

In our livestream, ACE environment Art Lead Jon O’Neal took a moment to walk you guys through our first set of player houses: the Cottage, the Villa and the Manor. The community response was so positive that we’ve decided to add a few of these buildings to the SANCTUARY server, so that you guys can walk around them and see them up-close-and-personal. Think of it as a digital ‘parade of homes’.

…and since we’re only adding them to the test right now, it seems a little premature to end the Housing sale. So, we’re extending it to February 27th to give you guys a chance to check the buildings out before you miss the opportunity to buy them at a discount.

Eternal Kingdoms Update

The BIGGEST NEWS of what’s-coming-soon, of course, is that we have a massive update coming that centers on the Eternal Kingdoms.

This update is significant, because it will allow players to use the Kingdom Builder tool to build a custom world out of parcels, and to boot (and login to) that world as a playable game server.

As with our previous tests, a few things to remember:

This is a major system with significant overhead (in terms of server processing power), which means that we need to test it in stages.

Those of you who have been with us for a while know the drill: we open up the playtest to all backers with Early Access (meaning a test reward between Pre-Alpha 1 and Beta 1)– but we will initially limit the Eternal Kingdom management functionality to our first wave of testers (Pre-Alpha 1 backers).

As usual, we will then stage more and more backers into this system in our standard order (Pre-Alpha 2, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, etc.). Note that this process isn’t being gated artificially – we want to get everyone in as soon as possible. The timeline is dictated by bugs and server performance.

In short: we will bring players in as fast as we can, depending on how well the servers hold up!

As with the features above, expect a larger (more detailed) update about this system later this month.

En résumé

Lots of stuff coming this month: Knight re-balance, Templar launch, Demo Houses added to playtest, and Kingdom Builder tool (and system!) are all right around the corner.

It’s an exciting time for Crowfall, and as always, we want to thank you guys for coming along on this wild (and amazing) ride!

Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton

Cofondateurs d'ArtCraft Entertainment

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