mercredi, novembre 8, 2017

In today's video, you'll be treated to an overview of the Cleric's powers and the corresponding VFX, with bonus Elken footage! These are the two newest additions to Crowfall's Race and Class lineup, so, naturally, a lot of people are excited to get their hands on them. When we first introduced the Elken, the Cleric wasn't part of his available classes. Due to popular demand we ended up adding it to the Elken's lineup, allowing Cleric players access to the Mur-deer's bonuses on ranged attacks.

In case you forgot what the Cleric's basic powers kit looks like, here's a refresher:

ClericPowers rc1-1024x440

Join Design Lead Thomas Blair as he walks us through some examples of the Cleric's powers in action. Get a look at how this brand new support Class can function alone and with teammates, and what their built-in powers mean for your strategy.

ClericPowers ArrowStill

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