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In our Kickstarter campaign, we included a series of Personal Housing Deeds as rewards for various pledge packages. This includes:

  • The Cottage,
  • The Villa, and
  • The Manor

In our Founder’s Update for December 14th, 2016, we revealed an image of the Villa personal house for the first time…

…and we announced a bonus Villa as a stretch goal for the investors of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign -- if and when that campaign reaches 35% of our maximum fundraising target!

House Villa Watermarked1-1024x576

Personal Housing Store Update

Today, we’re adding that house – as well as the Cottage and the Manor – to the Crowfall Store. As an "early bird special", we are placing all three houses ON SALE for 20% off normal price for a limited time only!

House Manor Watermarked-1024x576

While these deeds can’t be used in the game just yet, you can rest assured that our ACE team is working hard to get the building placement system up and running in our test realm – and we’re making great progress, as evidenced by the in-game screenshots above.

House Cottage Watermarked-1024x576

Didn’t get one of these in your pledge package? No worries, you can now buy one now from the Crowfall Store.

House ManorVariant 02 Watermarked-1024x576

Oh, and one final note! We are still working on the customization of these buildings, so you can expect to see a lot of variation in the base, walls and roof once these buildings are available in the final game.

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