lunes, junio 12, p.m.

Howdy, folks

If you don't have a Crowfall® Kickstarter pledge package (either from our Kickstarter campaign or purchased from one of our Trusted Trader partners), this update won’t be relevant to you.

It's time to revisit some of our Kickstarter rewards. During the course of development, it is inevitable that some systems will change, and these changes sometimes have a ripple effect on backer rewards. As always, our philosophy for dealing with these changes is that if a reward no longer makes sense, we should change it to the benefit of our backers!

Over the last few months, you’ve seen a LOT of rewards start to appear on your account, and some appear in the game testing!

One of the rewards that no longer makes sense, given our current design, is the "Reserve Unique Character Name" that was available to Bronze pledge package (or higher) Kickstarter backers. Our system has changed in such a way that character names are no longer unique; account usernames are used as the unique Crow identifier in the game universe. (Note that we have also separated this from web log in, which now uses your email address to alleviate security concerns, and soon this will change for the game log in, too.) Since account names are already unique, this reward is obsolete, and we’ve decided to replace this former reward with the Arkon Greatsword Relic.

If you would like a different Crowfall username/Crow name for your account, please email Customer Service at with a list of four to five desired names; we’ll give you the first name on your list that is available. Names should be alpha-numeric and may have a dash, period or underscore within them. You get one free name change per account.

“NAME a...” rewards—including “Name a Fallen Hero”, “Name a Fallen Monarch” and “Name a Location” —were included in pledge packages available to Gold, Amber and Sapphire backers (and higher) respectively. If you have one of these rewards directly or in a pledge package on your account, you'll soon receive an email from Support requesting your name choice(s). These entries, once approved, will be added to a list of tables that we’ll use in randomized locations and ruins in the Campaign Worlds. Please respond to these emails promptly so that we can begin using these names in our campaign maps. Note that names added to these tables will be used repeatedly across multiple campaigns.

There are more rewards still to be discussed (like character slots, weapon skins, statues, relics, invitations to real life events, etc.), and we’ll talk about them in future updates.

For your convenience, we’ve listed the Kickstarter rewards and levels below. In Kickstarter fashion, all higher-level packages include the rewards from the lower tiers.

Thank you as always for your support! In this case we want to specially thank the Kickstarter backers that made Crowfall possible!

J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton
Co-Founders, ArtCraft Entertainment


  • All-Father Statue with a Relic Upgrade
  • Stoneborn Relic


  • Reliquia de Centauro
  • Arcane Weapon Set (weapon skins)


  • Esclavo herrero enano
  • Reservar nombre de personaje único


  • Exclusive God Statue for your Personal Kingdom
  • One additional character slot


  • One additional character slot (two additional total)
  • Aumenta el tamaño de tu cuenta bancaria en un 20 %
  • Nombra a un héroe caído (sujeto a aprobación)


  • One additional character slot (three additional total)
  • Nombra a un monarca caído (sujeto a aprobación)


  • Nombra un lugar (sujeto a aprobación)


  • Invitación a la fiesta de lanzamiento de Crowfall (viaje no incluido)


  • Premiere backer studio tour in Austin (travel not included)


  • Invitación a la Hora feliz con el equipo de Crowfall (viaje no incluido)


  • Manipula las reglas y nombra tu propia campaña por tiempo limitado (sujeto a aprobación de ArtCraft).
  • Invitación a una cena privada con los fundadores, J. T. C. y G. W. (viaje no incluido)
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