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Since its inception, Crowfall® promised to weave together two distinct experiences, Campaign Worlds and Eternal Kingdoms (EK), into a single game loop. Campaign Worlds are massive battlegrounds where players war over resources and control points. After a set period of time, or after a certain condition is satisfied (depending on the ruleset), the Campaign Worlds destroy themselves.

The rewards earned in campaigns can be brought back to the Eternal Kingdoms, and used to craft all manner of things including structures, weapons and armor and even parcels, the massive areas of land that players can use to explore, harvest and build fortifications. These kingdoms form the permanent social areas, player cities and marketplaces that make up the Crowfall universe.

In March, we launched the ability for playtesters to create and build out their personal Eternal Kingdoms. We’ve been refining them ever since, adding functionality and building assets to further test system since EKs are a functional prerequisite for the Campaign Worlds. (EKs are where characters will reside between campaigns.)

We recently added some new functionality to the Kingdom Editor tool and with a recent surge in Crowfall’s player count, we want to make sure everyone knows what is now available along with a sneak peek at what’s coming next.

Crowfall LaunchEK Watermarked-1024x646


From the Crowfall Lobby, you can:

  • Import building assets from your account (pledge package rewards and purchases from the Crowfall Store) by clicking on the Purchases tab, selecting items and clicking Import

[Note: Importing your items will not permanently consume them! We frequently refresh EKs. When we do, your deeds will be returned to your account and available to reuse for future tests.]

  • Create your world (this is where your EK will be built) for the first time by navigating to Worlds, Kingdoms, My Kingdoms, and then click on the tile with your username on it.
  • Initiate your world by clicking Start Up Kingdom in the bottom-right corner

[Note: The kingdom will take a moment to wake up.]

  • View a list of other public worlds, created by other players, that you may enter
  • Log into your world (once it has awoken) by clicking Enter Kingdom

From inside a kingdom, the owner can:

  • Open your Spirit Bank (click the B key) to view the items that you imported
  • Move these to your inventory (click the I key), so that you can place them in your world

Crowfall EditKingdom Watermarked-1024x646

If you have imported (and transferred) any parcels into your Inventory, you can add them to your Kingdom.

Accessible from the Edit Kingdom button in the Escape Menu, the owner of a world can:

  • Name the kingdom
  • Create a description for the kingdom
  • Rearrange the land parcels in the kingdom to change its landscapes

[Note: Any buildings placed on parcels that are moved will also be moved and retain their position. Any buildings placed on parcels that are removed will be returned to your inventory.]

  • Set the kingdom to be public (accessible by all users) or private (accessible only to invited users)
  • Toggle PvP on/off (currently, there is no corpse looting when PvP is enabled)

Clicking Submit will finalize your changes, and your world will update automatically. No reboot of the world is required.

Accessible through the Chat Window while in your kingdom, you can:

Invite people to your EK (if it is set to private) by typing /ekinvite playername, or uninvite them using /ekuninvite playername; invited players will be able to see your EK in the lobby and enter it if they choose
Ban people from accessing your EK (even if it is set to public) by typing /ekban playername, or unban them using /ekunban playername; banned players will not be able to see or access your EK from the lobby even if they were previously invited

Accessible through the Inventory Window while in your kingdom, the world owner can:

  • Place imported buildings from the Spirit Bank by moving them into your inventory. There is a two minute “lock” (indicated by a small red x in the upper left corner) on items when they are transferred to or from the Spirit Bank. Once the transfer is complete, right-click their icons to select them for placement.
  • If you want to exit Building Mode and cancel a placement, press the ESC key and the deed will return to your inventory
  • Snap together palisade and castle walls by matching and connecting sockets

Crowfall PersonalKingdom Watermarked-1024x578

More information about building EKs may be found in these articles:

First Look: Building EKs Eternally Yours: EK parcel placement Eternally Yours, Part 2: Kingdom management In their present form, Eternal Kingdoms are sandbox testing grounds for parcel and building placement, or small arenas for guildmates and friends to hold skirmishes, but they are not yet tied back to Campaign Worlds. Soon, that will change!


Eternal Kingdoms have come a long way since the BuilderWorld testing milestone, and the spotlight is about to shift onto Campaign Worlds… but we are far from done with EKs.

  • The next step in tying these to Campaign Worlds will be to add an embargo system to restrict the flow of items between the kingdoms and the campaigns. This work will be done as part of the Campaign World functionality we’ll be rolling out in the near future.
  • We’re also working on the interface for Secure Trading of items between players, and Personal Chests that can be placed in buildings for additional in-world storage of resources and items.
  • Once these two things have been deployed, we’ll start to see the earliest flickers of our Player-driven Economy, as kingdoms will have the capacity to become the hubs of trade and commerce they are meant to be.

These are the “marquee” items, but in addition there are a number of other features (some large, some small, all impactful) that we want to add to round out the functionality of player kingdoms:

  • Ability for the monarch to adjust the looting rules that will be followed when players die in the kingdom
  • The ability to add NPCs to your buildings, not only vendors and guards but also training dummies to give you a way to test your disciplines and combat abilities
  • Import/export rules for your kingdom so that monarchs can limit what types of items and resources can enter an EK, This includes a system for extracting tariffs on the entry or exit of goods
  • Tax system that acts as a massive economy drain (which is necessary to count the effects of perpetual player harvesting and gathering) and gives the monarch another way to collect revenue for the kingdom
  • A vassal system through which the kingdom owner (the monarch) can delegate authority over parcels to other players, administer taxes and co-operate to build-out not just cities, but all regions within a world


Lastly, there are some things we would like to do, but aren’t quite on the roadmap yet… Hopefully we’ll get there! This wishlist includes:

  • A visibility system, so that you can have better control when sorting or browsing kingdoms to visit, and that will let monarchs raise the visibility of their kingdoms in the Search list
  • Siege-able castles and fortresses for “private matches” inside of PvP EKs
  • The ability for kingdoms to “duel” each other (basically a private match between different kingdoms)

Wrapping Up

We wanted to take one last look at EKs to remind everyone how far we’ve come, and to say “Don’t worry, we’ll get back to this!” as we shift our focus back to Campaign Worlds.

Our goal is to give players as much freedom as possible over their Eternal Kingdoms so that they can play Crowfall however they wish. Some players will spend all of their time in the kingdoms, ignoring campaigns entirely while others some players will spend as little time in the kingdoms as they can so that they can get right back into the action of a new campaign. That’s the beauty of our system: you can play your way.

That’s it for today. Make sure you send an EK invite to MiracleMax. I’d enjoy touring your kingdoms!

See you in-game,

Max Lancaster
Associate Producer, ArtCraft Entertainment

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