This is a guide you can use to troubleshoot common Crowfall issues yourself. Remember you’re always welcome to email if you run into problems.

HELP! MY GAME WON'T RUN! There are several things you can try on your own.

  1. Update your graphics driver! Nvidia, particularly, updates often and old drivers will cause problems.
  2. Right click on the Crowfall application. Select “Run as Administrator”.
  3. Check that Windows Firewall (or another anti-virus and/or firewall software) is turned off for Crowfall so that it can communicate with our servers (we need ports 80, 443 and 12000-12999 open for TCP/IP bi-directionally).
  4. Right click on the Crowfall application. Look to see if there is a menu item for graphics. If there is, make sure it is set to use a 3D card.
  5. Check your computer's name. Occasionally special characters like è or õ will block the game from running.

If you continue to have issues loading the game, please send the following to

  1. A screenshot of the error you saw (if there is an error).
  2. Press your Windows key, type in dxdiag, and run this. Attach that dxdiag.txt file to the email.
  3. Find your client logs. Go to your Crowfall folder, open the Downloads folder. You will see files whose names start with “CrowfallClient” followed by a set of numbers. Find the most recent of those, and attach it to the email.


You know how the joke goes now: “Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?” Well, it’s so ubiquitous for a reason. If you run into an issue while playing in a World, try logging out into the lobby, and logging back into the Campaign or EK. Alternately, you can fully close the client and re-launch. Reestablishing that connection usually helps.

If you continue to see the problem, a screenshot or video is incredibly helpful when reporting it.

There are a few versions of Windows that don't interact nicely with our in-game videos. Head over here and download the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 version 1709. That should fix it.

As always, reporting these bugs to the appropriate testing sub-forum is incredibly helpful! We especially love the addition of screenshots or videos of the bug.

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