From The Book of Names Chapter 5: 17 to 21 17 All the Sons and Daughters did bless the babe, and his lifegifts were many. 18 A curving bow of oak and silver from his uncle 19 keen sight and hearing from his aunt and from the rest: fortune, wits and speed. 20Yet no lifegift did the boy receive from Malekai, the trickster 21 and the Lord of the Dawn was most displeased.

The Book of Names, Chapter 18:31 to 50 31 and in that time the young Sky Hunter was in the woods with his companion Julan, 32 known to be the most wise and skillful of mortal hunters. 33 They came upon the Great Bull and D’Orion said, “What is this fierce and hateful creature, with hooves of obsidian and eyes of fire?” 34 Julan replied, “The Great Bull is not to be trifled with. We must find another path.” 35 But D’Orion thought to hunt the creature, and swore to make a cloak from his hide.

36 For three moons they tracked it, sleeping by day and stalking by night. 37 At last they came upon the Bull at the Edge of the Sky. 38 The beast, thus cornered, did charge them. 39 The mortal hunter was too slow and he fell to the ground, 40 his skull crushed beneath those obsidian hooves.

41 D’Orion took the great bow, Yearning, and felled the beast with an arrow to the heart. 42 and, as promised, he made from the hide a cloak as dark as night.

43 When Malekai found the carcass, he was sorely displeased. 44 He affixed the head of his pet to the body of Julan the fallen hunter 45 and spoke the Word of Life into this vessel. 46 He sent the Bull-man to hunt D’Orion to punish him for his arrogance. 47 And so, too, did he send the sons of Julan 48 and the sons of Julan’s sons.

49 Akron said to Malekai, “Why must you do this? Why give chase to my son?” 50 The Trickster God replied, “This is my lifegift. The hunter must never forget how it feels to be hunted.”


By legend, the Minotaur was created by the Prince Malekai, Lord of Shadows, in defiance of Prince D’Orion the Sky Hunter. As with all great creation stories, however, this is unproven and highly debated. What is known about this race of bull-headed savages is that they first appeared in written history as slaves to noble Elven families in the ancient High-Elf city of Aelfmuir. Used as protectors, fighters and beasts of burden, the Minotaurs broke free of their masters in the Celestial War and have lived in and around the outer fringes of civilized society ever since.

While many believe that Minotaurs are incapable of sentient thought, this is not actually the case; however, they are unable to speak the Common tongue and speak in a guttural language that is understood only to others of their kind. In demeanor, Minotaurs are quick to anger, slow to forgive and seem incapable of showing subtle emotions like joy, mercy or remorse. Ferocious and bloodthirsty, they make up some of history’s most savage pitfighters and brutal warlords.

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