I had a brother, once… for a few minutes. I think I was born first.

The Farewell Kiss is swift and painless. We are not monsters, after all. No one needs to suffer.

Some mothers cry. Some plead for assistance. My mother did neither.

For generations, this has been our practice. For generations, we have known peace.

Men do not belong in the Riverlands, not even the breeders. They are captured, they serve their purpose and they are killed. Many treat their enemies less kindly, I think.

Think of the worst tyrant in history. How many lives could have been saved – how many wars averted – by a sharp blade at the moment of his birth?

Why did I say HIS birth?

You know why. When I asked you to think of a tyrant, no woman crossed your mind. One life for many. Quite the bargain, yes?

I say to you: the Hunger is not your enemy. Your enemy walks among you, charming and handsome, with a tongue full of lies.


In the time before time, the Fae were playful and joyful folk who lived in the deep seclusion of the woods of Cybele, the Virgin Goddess. For centuries, they seemed unconcerned with the politics of life beyond the woods, content to keep to their own and avoid treating with outsiders.

The Fae were once ruled by a council of kings and queens, named for the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This age, according to the bards, is referred to as the Season of the Seily Court. It came to a swift and violent end when Oberyn, Prince of Gloaming, fell in love with the Lady Cybele, the Virgin Goddess. Forsaking his queen and family, Oberyn declared himself High King in an attempt to prove himself worthy of Cybele’s love.

His wife Titania, driven mad with jealous rage, plied her husband and his men with an over-abundance of wine and slit their throats while they slumbered. This began the Season of the Unseily Court, under the rule of High Queen Titania. It also explains the Fae tradition of killing male children at birth. The few males that survive do so outside the bounds of Cybele’s forest, raised as street urchins, foundlings or slaves.

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