Gaea the Earth Mother—giver of life, incarnation of wisdom and nature, wife of High Prince Arkon the Just. Gaea is commonly depicted as a handsome woman of middle age with an inviting smile and a gentle, forgiving demeanor. Prayers to Gaea typically revolve around protection and security—blessings for plentiful rain, a good harvest, health and prosperity. Mother of Cybele and daughter of Yaga, she embodies the middle aspect of the Trinity Goddess (the virgin, the matron and the crone).

Gaea was the most noble of the gods; loving and sympathetic and caring honestly for the least of her children.

…which makes her death all the more tragic.

In every world and age, storytellers argue the mystery of Gaea’s death. Who is the villain? What was the cause?

Every bard sings a different tale, yet the end is the same:

Gaea died: her blood scattered, her divinity spilled. Her greedy sisters, the trees, did drink their fill – a desperate attempt to inherit her warmth – and thus became the Trees of Life, faint whispers of Gaea’s last breath. Ghastly pyres of the Earth Mother’s own making.

We use them as a thin shield against the encroaching Hunger, although we know it will not last. The light fades, the warmth falters… and when the Trees go dark, her children will be no more.

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