Funding update: “You guys are amazing!”

Funding update: “You guys are amazing!”


You guys are amazing! This morning we hit another stretch goal on our equity crowdfunding investment campaign. That means that investors will now receive:

And ALL of our backers (because we love you!) will receive a Bloodwine drinking horn relic and a Woodland Grove parcel.

We had expected that the Fallen Colossus parcel was going to be the “final” stretch goal of the campaign. We purposefully set it high, hoping -- but not entirely confident -- that we would hit it before the end of our campaign. Instead, we crossed it today, with days to spare.

Which means, I guess, that we need to add another one!


Stretch Goal: Lord Arkon Relic

If we cross 60% of the maximum raise amount (not our target – remember, we crossed our target back in December!), anyone who invests will also receive one Lord Arkon statue relic that can be placed in your Eternal Kingdom and used by your vassals to receive the Blessing of Dawn.

Here is how this relic works:

  • Place it in a stronghold in your personal (or guild) Eternal Kingdom
  • Players can sacrifice ore to Arkon, the Lord of the Sun, using an interface similar to crafting
  • When enough has been sacrificed, the statue will activate
  • For a short period of time, players can bask in the radiance of Arkon’s Light to receive the Blessing of Dawn, Improving the critical chance on all harvesting activities for a brief period of time

…and before you ask: yes, it will be possible to find these relics in (and scavenge from) Campaign Worlds.

Thanks for your incredible support,
J. Todd Coleman
Co-Founder, ArtCraft Entertainment

NOTE: Due to SEC regulations, we are not allowed to answer questions about this offering via social media, email or our forums.  If you have questions or comments, please direct them to the Q&A section at the bottom of our offering page. Thanks!


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