Founder’s Update: Prepare to be mesmerized

Founder’s Update: Prepare to be mesmerized

Sales to spruce up your EK

Just a quick reminder that the Woodland Grove, Hill and Creek parcels are still on sale for 50%, but time is running out!

ParcelArt_1Cell_Grove ParcelArt_1Cell_Hills ParcelArt_1Cell_Creek

If you want to gather replenishing harvests of knotwood, cobblestone and slag ore in your Eternal Kingdom, grab yourself some parcels before the sale ends next Sunday, January 15th!

House_Cottage_Watermarked House_Manor_Watermarked House_Villa_Watermarked

We’re also running an introductory special on three new houses. The Cottage, Manor and Villa are on sale for 20% off until February 5th.

12-hour ‘Crow-a-thon’ Wednesday, January 18th!

…starts at 8am CST, broadcasting live from the ArtCraft offices in Austin, Texas.

If you missed our first Crowfall livestream event, then you have no idea what you are in for!  Prepare yourself for 12 hours of livestreamed content where we show things like:

  • Cool new features coming soon to the playtest server,
  • Live 3D modeling demonstrations,
  • Interviews and Q&A sessions with our designers, producers, artists and engineers

…and for a special treat, this time we’re featuring a special BONUS SEGMENT that you simply won’t believe.

Yes, I know that last part sounds like over-the-top clickbait, but I’m NOT KIDDING.  Log in and prepare to be mesmerized!

Bookmark our Twitch channel and mark your calendar!

Title III stretch goal: ALMOST THERE!

We are just under our next stretch goal for our investment campaign, which will grant ALL of our investors a “Fallen Colossus” hamlet parcel to add to their personal kingdoms.


If you’re thinking of investing (and sharing in the financial potential of our company) – you’d better act quickly because time is running out! For more details on this opportunity, visit the offering page.

Your support is invaluable to us,

J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton
Founders, ArtCraft Entertainment


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