Founders’ Update: A special day

Founders’ Update: A special day

Hey folks,

Today, we just want to pause for a moment. You see, February 24th is a rather special day for our team.  Two years ago, today, we launched the Kickstarter for Crowfall®.

We had a small team at the time, much smaller than we have now, and a crazy idea for a game that a lot of people told us would never work. We didn’t like that answer, so we decided to take a risk.  A big risk, on reflection, the kind of elevates – or crushes – companies and careers.

It’s easy, after the fact, to forget how something feels. For months, our team gathered in a tiny office and tried to figure out how to communicate our vision. Concept art, prototype systems, design documents, website mockups. This was a time of high-anxiety and furious productivity. Some of our team members had quit their secure, full-time jobs on the hope – the hope! not the promise, and certainly not the guarantee – on the raw faith that we had a good idea, and we could build something amazing, if we just had a chance.

Faith. We had faith that you were out there. That we could find you. That there would be enough of you to prove that this so-crazy it-will-never-work game was worth creating.

We were terrified on the morning of February 24th, 2015. Our plans were ready. Our video was ready. What we couldn’t film (because it didn’t exist yet), we explained to the camera, earnestly and passionately.  We hoped that our words would fill in the gaps of what we couldn’t show. We had agonized over every detail: the rewards, the concepts, the press release, the features and the content.

Kickstarter campaigns can’t be changed once they are live. So after all that work, we hit the button… and we waited to see what would happen.

Thanks to you, we didn’t have to wait long. We immediately shot past $100k. By the end of Day 1, we were over $450k, more than 50% of our target.

Thanks to you, that number kept climbing. As the number rose, so did our spirits.

Thanks to you, we would be able to keep our team employed. In fact, thanks to you, we could add some great new members.

Thanks to you, we can be proud of what we have accomplished in two years: a playable persistent universe with functional combat, harvesting and crafting, offline training, inventory and equipment and a host of playable archetypes. We’ve invited over 13,000 people into our testing, and we are right on the cusp of bringing our first Eternal Kingdoms online – with our first real Campaign World soon to follow.

We’re sure that our third year will be filled with challenges, and we still have a TON of work between now and launch….

…but we know we can do it.

Thanks to you.
Todd, Gordon and the ArtCraft team


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