Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Howdy, Crows!

Today I’m here to talk to you about our new lobby features. The purpose of a lobby is to welcome you as you enter the game, and make sure you can get where you need to go quickly and easily. This is the first thing you see when you enter the world of Crowfall, so it’s important that it not only offers a great first impression, but is also easy to use.

New Lobby

If you’re already playing Crowfall, you’ll notice some changes. The most prominent of these is that the Campaign and Eternal Kingdom buttons are clearly visible and easy to access, not hidden under the World tab.

Along the top, you’ll also see several tabs that represent the primary actions you want to take at login — if you’re already testing, you’re probably familiar with these. Here is an overview of the main tabs:

  • “Skills” grants access to the skill tree.
  • "Shop" is currently unavailable but will lead to the Crowfall store.
  • "Purchases" is the tab you use to import your store items into the game — this includes popular items such as buildings, housing parcels, and mounts.
  • The "Videos" tab is where you’ll find gameplay tutorials and other informational videos.
  • "Settings" opens the settings panel so you can change things like the game resolution, music volume, and inputs.
  • "Account" is where you’ll find and make changes to your account information.
  • "Logout" takes you back to the login screen.
  • "Quit" will close the client entirely.

New Vessel Select

For current players, this section looks very familiar to the Crypt, a place where you can swap vessels. The creation of your initial vessel is now done outside the world, in the lobby itself, meaning your character becomes a permanent creation and can travel from world to world as you explore Eternal Kingdoms and conquer Campaigns.

All player accounts will have three character slots by default. Each slot can either be used to create a default vessel or house a vessel purchased from another player. Naturally, you can also delete characters from these slots to free up space.

Each character in a slot will be in one of two states: locked into a Campaign or not locked into a Campaign. These work pretty much as they sound: the former means that vessel has already joined a Campaign and is locked there for the duration. The latter means that vessel can still join a Campaign. Any of these characters are able to enter an Eternal Kingdom at any time.

Campaign Select

Choosing a character that isn’t locked into a Campaign allows you to browse which Campaign you’d like to join with that character. You can also preview the map from here!

New Vessel Select with Char locked Campaign

If you choose a character already locked into a Campaign, you’ll be able to enter that Campaign. Removing that character from a Campaign will also be possible, though the guidelines for removal are still pending. When the Campaign a character is locked into comes to an end, you’ll see the results and redeem any rewards you might have earned, at which point that character will be unlocked and can join a different Campaign.

We no longer control character creation through the Crypt. Rather than recreate your vessel at the start of every Campaign or any time you enter a new Eternal Kingdom, your character can now be a representation of you that travels between worlds. The best part is, if you’re so inclined, you can have a collection of several yous that you can swap into depending on the adventure that lies before you.

Questions about the new lobby system or how the vessels and characters will work in the “First Campaign”? Let us know in the discussion thread!

Jack Kirby
Utility Infielder, ArtCraft Entertainment

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