Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trick-or-treat! Creative Director J Todd Coleman was joined by Community Director Valerie Massey and Utility Infielder Jack Kirby to announce the winners of the Crowfall Trick-or-Treat contest. Get your fill of tricks with spooky gifs created by Crowfall fans, then savor the treat of a brand new trailer to wrap up Monster Month!

They also set aside time to answer questions from the viewing audience and give some hints for the next milestone: The First Campaign. This included a look at the new cluster map, what might be in leaderboards, and when we plan on The First Campaign to hit the TEST environment (hint: it should be in November!). Click the image below to watch the video on YouTube!


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Here are the winning gifs!
_1st Place - @tinnis __
Guinecean TPing Tree of Life

2nd Place - @Hyriol1
Guin riding Centaur

3rd Place - @pamintandrei
Todd twerk

4th Place - @Anhrez
Monster Todd 5.8

5th Place - @SimonB512
Demon Blair

6th Place - @Belantis2
Doggett pumpkini

__7th Place - @that_eriksson __
Zombie flash

8th Place - @salvafree
Beware the Hunger

9th Place - @Blazzen85
TJC emo assasin

10th Place - @OPeleikis
Mino axe

11th Place - @Anthrage
Hellcat run away

12th Place - @thedeadeye
Bloody mouth spider

13th Place - @matiesmengo
Guin want

need help??