Monday, May 8, 2017

We’re kicking off our “Massive Reveal” Teaser Week with some double scoop goodness about one of our favorite archetypes, the Frostweaver: a new concept piece and a new bit of lore that delves into Frostweaving, Pyromancy and the origin of the magical arts.

crowfall monday

Tell me, my young student, is it that you do not understand or that you do not wish to see?

Ours is a world of opposites. For every one thing, there is another. Dark and light, moon and sun, life and death. What, then, do you suppose to be the opposite of fire? Ice?

No, fool of a student. Fire is the action, Smoke the result. In the same way, ice is not the action. The opposite of fire is frost. Frost is the action, ice the result.

See you, yet, how our universe is flawed? Broken from the beginning, when the Father of the Gods bestowed his gifts on his first two sons.

Fire to Arkon, his firstborn. What use has the Lord of Order for the chaotic maelstrom that is fire? What is fire if not chaos, consuming everything it touches, tearing all things asunder, changing that which was into that which was not?

Frost to Kane, his second. What use has the Lord of Chaos, the Master of the Forge, for frost - infinitely silent, locked and frozen, beautiful, precise, untouched by time?

One granted the sun, for which he has no use, the other the moon, for which he has no patience.

For many years, I have tried to teach you. I see it is to no avail.

Our time is at an end. The Godsong has two parts: The Song of Creation, music that flows and shifts with the power of Chaos, and the Words of Power, unchanging incantations of Order that bind our world together.

Seek a new master. Perhaps your wandering intellect would do better with the former. It is clear you have no the mind for the latter.

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