Thursday, May 17, 2018

Howdy folks!

Jack here, with a neat teaser to upcoming social system updates. By design, MMOs are social games, and Crowfall® is no exception to this. In fact, we encourage even more interaction between players than many other games in the genre: interpersonal relationships with your fellow Crows are of the utmost importance to secure your place as a master craftsman, far-ranging explorer, or expert warrior. No one person can do it all on their own!

To facilitate this web of social interaction, making it easy and convenient for players to interact with each other is important. In 5.7, one of our major focuses are on the social systems in Crowfall. The first will be interaction options when targeting other players. Right now, all player-to-player interactions are initiated with commands through chat. We want to move this to quick-access menus with their own keybindings. Let me show you what I'm talking about.


When a player in the Survival tray looks at another player, they're presented with an F-to-interact option, like many other interactable objects in the game.


When F is pressed, a quick-access menu will appear, similar to the one above. The options available in this menu will include some of the most common interaction choices. They'll also have their own keybindings, meaning you aren't forced to enter cursor mode to select one. This menu will also adapt to the current state the player is in – for example, if the player already has a pending trade, the trade button will be unavailable until the current trade is completed.


On the flip side, receiving a trade request or group invite will prompt a pop-up notification. This, too, will have keyboard shortcuts available so you can quickly accept or deny any incoming offers. They are also clickable if you happen to be in cursor mode. Currently only one of each (one trade request and one group invite) will appear at a time on the screen. This keeps them from cluttering your view and potentially negatively impacting what you're currently doing.

Certain actions, like trade requests, require both players to be within a certain proximity of each other. Options that don't have an adjacency requirement will also appear through your friends list, allowing you to quickly whisper an online friend or invite them to a group. You can also always type slash commands directly into the chat box.

The above is just the first iteration of our planned updates for the social systems. As an additional teaser, in the future we plan to implement various items like a lower-profile chat for moving through the world, creation of custom chat tabs, the ability to pull out individual tabs to create a separate chat window, and a mailbox.

Naturally, these screenshots are just initial mockups of this system. Expect things to change in placement and design as we interact with the UI and hear feedback from our testers.

Keep an eye out for when these updates become available. And, as always, let us know what you think on the discussion thread!

Until next time!

Jack Kirby, Utility Infielder
ArtCraft Entertainment

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