Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Initial snap tests for Crowfall® First Campaign (Pre-Alpha 5.8) have begun and the reactions from early testers have been remarkable!

We're seeing significant improvements in 5.8 with lag and FPS performance,” said Winterblades’ Guild Leader Malefric. “I think the dedicated testing community have been impressed with the almost complete lack of message lag in larger scale fights.”

The Undead Legion’s leader, Dolmar, put it in more simple terms, calling the latest milestone “brutally delicious.”

As the ramp-up continues to bring First Campaign to the LIVE testing environment, now is a good time for Crows to flock together, gather information and prepare themselves for the upcoming campaign.

Save these dates and follow the Crowfall Twitch channel so you won’t miss our upcoming live streams.

ACE Q&A for December LIVE!

Thursday, December 13, 11 am CST - A year-end special live, hour-long stream version of our monthly feature. Get your questions ready for Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair (with guest appearances by other members of the Crowfall Dev Team).

Cooking with Kromas

Thursday, December 20, 11 am CST - Making her live stream debut, Game Designer Valerie Kromas will wine and dine viewers with information about different cooking levels and methods.

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