Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pre-Alpha 5 Live! returned Tuesday, November 14th, at 11am Central.

During this one-hour live stream event, Game Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash discussed the most recent bug changes and adjustments to our builds, explaining what changed and why. This encompassed much-anticipated notes from the Race/Class Split (5.3). The stream also included a brief Q&A session where we took questions directly from the viewing audience.


Today's stream included:

  • Detailing the addition of native armor types (Knight and Templar use Plate; Champion, Myrmidon, Cleric, and Druid use Mail; Confessor, Frostweaver, Ranger, Assassin, and Duelist use Leather).
  • Duelist can now duel-wield pistols with Master of Pistols equipped.
  • Can no longer swap trays while stunned, suppressed, or knocked down.
  • Tray determines your reticle position.
  • Right click dodge powers can be loaded into Survival tray.
  • Skinnable nodes (boar and hellcat bodies) will no longer trap players.
  • New unarmed harvesting animations!
  • Detailing the new Dominance Meter for the Champion.

If you missed today's stream, you can view the video on our official YouTube channel. Tune in for Crowfall Pre-Alpha 5 Live! every second Tuesday of the month. Don't forget to follow us on Twitch to receive notifications when we go live!

This post has been edited to include a short synopsis and link to the YouTube video.

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