Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pre-Alpha 5 Live! returned on Tuesday, May 15th at 11am Central.

Design Director Thomas Blair was joined by Principal Game Designer Mark Halash for our regularly scheduled Pre-Alpha 5 Live! with Patch Notes from the Future. They discussed the most recent bug-fixes and additions to the upcoming 5.6 build, which is currently available on the TEST environment for a limited number of players. 5.6 should be coming to LIVE soon. While reading through the patch notes, they also took questions from the viewing audience throughout the stream.

PatchNotesMay2018 ARROW

Check out the video for:

  • More updates to the skill tree including recipe unlocks.
  • Upcoming Race and Class trees.
  • Command skill tree.
  • Added the token count to the inventory window.
  • Fixed an issue with teleport desync for players that were watching.
  • Crypt and Crafting Deck recipes are now available.
  • Can now successfully bind ESDF instead of WASD.
  • Increased the radius to pick up harvested items.

If you missed today's stream, you can view the video on our official YouTube channel. Tune in for Crowfall Pre-Alpha 5 Live! every second Tuesday of the month. Don't forget to follow us on Twitch to receive notifications when we go live!

This post has been edited to include a short synopsis and link to the YouTube video.

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