Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This weekend we’re officially kicking off Pre-Alpha 4.0. In addition to releasing the Templar archetype into the wild, we'll soon be adding a foundational piece of technology that is building towards functional Campaign Worlds, namely factions. We wanted to let you know a little about it before it's introduced into the playtests.

For this initial ruleset, you will be able to select one of three faction types (Order, Balance, or Chaos) when you log into the Scorn Campaign. Your spirit crow will be locked to this faction until the conclusion of this campaign, so choose wisely!

Each faction will have a dedicated home Keep and faction temples. All loot chests will be removed from houses (in Sanctuary, too) and placed into points of interest (POIs) in the center of the Scorn three-faction map.

Crowfall FactionMap Carnage Watermarked

You will also notice that members of your faction have a faction UI element next to their health bars. They will be colored blue, and you will be unable to attack any member of your faction. This isn't a "mini-campaign", per se, so don't expect win conditions, castle sieging or limitations on import/export just yet... all of that will come in due time. This is simply the jumping off point.

We’re looking forward to fighting with and against you in Scorn. If you’re unable to join in the playtesting, we hope you’ll tune into some of the livestreams that community members will be hosting.

BONUS: 4.0 Wallpapers

CF Wallpaper Templar 1920x1080CF Wallpaper Templar 2560x1440CF Wallpaper Templar 3440x1440CF Wallpaper CrowSoul 1920x1080CF Wallpaper CrowSoul 2560x1440CF Wallpaper CrowSoul 3440x1440

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