Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Howdy everyone!

Thomas “Blixtev” Blair here, and I just wanted to give you a quick update on some new crafting features. Some of you may have noticed that we added some new recipes under the Stonemasonry tab in your crafting UI, geomancy and architecture.

As the names imply, the latter of these is for crafting buildings but the former might not have been quite so obvious. Geomancy is the art of crafting land parcels for use in the Eternal Kingdoms. The eventual intent of these recipes is to provide an in-game method for people to obtain parcels and buildings to grow their kingdoms.

There is one big fat caveat about the current implementation: the amount of resources for these recipes are not representative of where we want them for launch. We have purposefully set the material counts very low, so that players will be able to test these recipes within a limited test window (i.e. we want to reflect the fact that our playtests are currently only available on the weekends). Please test them for functionality, not for balance.

Let’s start with geomancy first…


The basic idea for geomancy is for the player to use precious stone, wood, and ore (in other words: no cobblestone, knotwood or slag) to create simple 1x1 land parcels that can then be combined (and re-combined and re-re-combined) to make larger parcels.

The basic land parcel is a (1 cell x1 cell) “farmland” parcel. While it can be placed in your kingdom, it is intended to be little more than raw land… good for collecting a bit of knotwood or cobblestone, but not much else. This is the basic component for all of the simple parcels which can then in turn be used to make more complicated parcels. This will include stronghold parcels (village, town, shire, hamlet, etc.) and wild land parcels (mountains, rivers, hills, valleys).

The goal is a tree of parcels that feed into parcels recipes of greater size and complexity. Generally, the sizes stack like so: multiple 1x1s combine to make a 1x2, multiple 1x2s combine to make a 1x3, etc.

The goal is to give players an in-game option to obtain parcels via harvesting and crafting (or trading with other players); however, it should be noted that parcels can only be created using named resources (not the slag, knotwood and cobblestone commonly found in the EK). This means that to be an effective or profitable geomancer, players will need to face the dangers of the Campaign Worlds or trade with others who are willing to do so on their behalf.


Similar to geomancy, the architecture recipes all require named resources. Not only does architecture allow you to craft deeds for buildings, but it also leads to the crafting of deeds for crafting stations, city walls, gates, decorations -- and practically everything anything else that sockets onto walls or buildings.

There are two important things to note. First, if this list gets too heavy (which is likely) then we’ll break the recipes up onto sub-trees like carpentry, fortifications, etc. Second, the buildings are functional but currently have no “statistics” (meaning that one manor house is effectively the same as any other). Expect this to change as more systems come online.

Parcels Geomancy Watermarked-1-1024x294


Currently, the skill trees are fleshed out to allow training in all of the crafting skills. Since both geomancy and architecture recipes fall under the stonemasonry crafting profession, increasing the Stonemasonry skill will make you a better crafter with both kinds of recipes.

Every recipe that is not store-exclusive for both parcels and buildings have been made available in the crafting book.


We’re excited to see the scaffolding go up for major next-game activities. In the future, we expect to have enough content here to allow players to specialize and focus exclusively in either of these areas with the goal of being known across the game universe for your ability to create and sell these assets.

As always, excited to hear your thoughts. See you in game!

Thomas “Blixtev” Blair Design Lead, ArtCraft Entertainment

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