Monday, June 25, 2018

Brazil has a vibrant gaming community and we are geared up and ready to find out what players in Brazil think about Crowfall! To make sure Brazilian players have the best possible experience with our service, the game and our web page www.Crowfall.com will be fully localized into Portuguese. But we are not stopping there: a dedicated Crowfall server for Brazil is also ready to go.

How long do you have to wait? Barely a day because the dedicated server and localized web page will go live on the 26th of June.

Our Facebook in Portuguese is already up and running; you can find it here. Visit us on YouTube and Twitch for exciting Crowfall video content and useful tutorial videos. In case you’d like to see some behind the scene pictures, check out our Instagram page. Our Portuguese speaking community manager, Fauno, is ready to welcome you in our forum where you can also talk with the greater Crowfall community and our development team

The Brazilian Crowfall server will run on the same version as our servers in the United States and Europa, currently Pre-Alpha 5.6. Since we are still in the game development phase, Crowfall is not feature complete and you will encounter bugs and glitches. Please keep that in mind when you enter the game.

Since Brazil is a completely new market for us, we decided to run this test for six months to evaluate if a dedicated server in Brazil is feasible for us. So, get your friends into the game and show us how much Brazil loves Crowfall!

As a cherry on top, we will offer the Crowfall Patron Starter Pack for 100 R$ exclusively for players in Brazil. All starter packs include immediate access to our 24/7 LIVE testing environment plus a digital copy of the final game when it launches. Visit our shop and jump into the action.

We are excited to meet our new community members on the battlefield!

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