Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ever wonder how a toy drum dragged across window blinds could become the sound of a chittering spider? Curious what a bugling elk sounds like? Crowfall®’s Sound Designer Bobby Moen is back with a follow-up to his previous video, Angry Bees and Leather Sleeves. In this new edition, he takes a look at the spider and the elk, and what it takes to create their typical daytime sounds, and how that contrasts to the terrifying cries of the Hunger-infected creatures at night.

“When day turns to night in Crowfall, the animals of the world turn into these monstrous nightmare creatures, and they each need their own twisted sound”


Have questions for Bobby about sound design? Feel free to post them in the discussion thread. And, as a bonus, here are some mp3s of creature sounds used in the game, perfect to download and use as notification tones on your phone!

Elk 01

Elk 02

Elk 03

Elk 04

Hellcat 01

Hellcat 02

Hellcat 03

Hellcat 04

Wolf 01

Wolf 02

Wolf 03

Wolf 04

Spider 01

Spider 02

Spider 03

Spider 04

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