Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Howdy, everyone!

Thomas “Blixtev” Blair here, and today I am going to reveal the details for the final handful of the Races coming to Crowfall®. Yes, that’s right, another set of races in one update. In the past, I have revealed a single race a time; however, as we get ready to bring 5.3 update to our Test server, I no longer have time to do that. Instead, I’m combining a few races into this one update. (Click here to see last week’s “Meet the Humans and Elves” update.) As of this update, all 12 of Crowfall's races have been revealed!

You may have seen some earlier versions of these races in one of our Crowfall Live!Twitch streams, but this update should still provide you with some new information about things that might have moved around or been refined.

Today, we’ll cover the Centaur, the Minotaur, and the Guinecean.

First, let’s do a quick refresher from our lore pages:

The Centaurs are a proud and bellicose race who, for many generations seemed bent on conquering all the known worlds. This campaign of empire-building might have been successful were it not for the appearance of the Hunger, which corrupted (and eventually consumed) the Centaur homeworld of Pelion. An expansionistic empire led by a senate, Centaur warriors are trained from birth in the art of war, and Centaur magistrates are taught the skills necessary to administrate a vast and ever-growing empire.


By legend, the Minotaur was created by the Prince Malekai, Lord of Shadows, in defiance of Prince D’Orion the Sky Hunter. As with all great creation stories, however, this is unproven and highly debated. What is known about this race of bull-headed savages is that they first appeared in written history as slaves to noble Elven families in the ancient High-Elf city of Aelfmuir. Used as protectors, fighters and beasts of burden, the Minotaurs broke free of their masters in the Celestial War and have lived in and around the outer fringes of civilized society ever since.

Crowfall MymidonConcept

Guineceans are a diminutive, gregarious people known to be forthright and honorable. They excel at exploration and scholarly research and revel in meeting other cultures. A highly-civilized people, they favor diplomacy and free trade over conquest and aggression. In spite of this, fighters among this race are regarded as fierce combatants and their engineers as clever inventors. They remain the only society to master the alchemical mystery of gunpowder, and while other societies have struggled in the last few centuries, Guineceans have experienced a cultural renaissance in the areas of art, music, science and literature.


As with all Race reveals, I will illuminate what the goals are for the various aspects of the race. As a reminder, this means that some of the information is repeated from previous updates (I do this because people reading this may not have read a Meet the Race update before!)

First: how do Races work? Well, technically, each Race is represented with a unique Racial Runestone – which is a collection of powers and passives relating to that Race. Under the covers, these are using the same technology as our Discipline (sub-class) Runestones; they can be attached to an avatar and will fundamentally change the attributes, powers, skill maxes, and passives of that character. Race Runestones change the character at a more fundamental level, though, determining which art and animation assets are used to render this character. As such, they are automatically baked into the character at time of creation and can’t be changed subsequently.

These Runestones will change how the character is played; equipment slots can be added or removed and that can, in some cases, even grant new “modes” like stealth or ranged combat that unlock a dedicated power tray.
As a high-level goal, we want each Race to offer very different and very significant gameplay elements. The standard for MMOs in recent years is to offer extremely watered-down versions of racial powers, or even worse, to forgo racial benefits entirely. This design decision has led to Race selection being little more than a cosmetic choice for most games.

We don’t like that, so we’re going in the opposite direction. Since each race is encapsulated with a Discipline (which can effectively be a sub-class!) we have a lot of power, here… we can do practically anything we want! So, we figure, why not make each race unique?

OK, let’s get to it!



Look familiar? They all even have a mouse-over tooltip just like a Discipline Runestone… because, under the covers, they are!

Additionally, all races get a Bloodline Power (a free passive)…

What’s a Bloodline Power? Great question!

In our Meet the Elken update, we introduced the concept of a Bloodline Passive. For anyone who missed it: every race will get one a unique Bloodline Passive, which represents a latent magical benefit passed down throughout the generations as a result of your character’s lineage.

(Passives, as a reminder, are exactly that: a buff or effect that hangs on your character at all times. Any number of things can grant you a potential Passive, like your Class, Disciplines or even an item – but you normally have a limit of only 3 Passives that can be active at any time.)

The Bloodline Passive circumvents that limitations, as it is a free Passive – and by “free”, we mean that it doesn’t chew up one of your 3 passive slots. You get the benefit of this passive power automatically (and permanently)!

The Bloodline Passive is different for each Race, and it is automatically equipped; you don’t do not have to be loaded out in the powers UI. It is always active when you are playing a character of this race.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the Racial Runestones in detail.

The Centaur Racial Runestone grants:

  • An attribute bonus to Constitution
  • A bonus Horseshoes equipment slot (Basically an extra boot slot)

The Centaur Bloodline passive consists of:

  • Trailmaster: A 25% increase to out-of-combat movement speed.
  • Rear Kick: When hit from behind, the Centaur has a chance to gain a Rear Kick attack combo for a few seconds that damages enemies behind the Centaur.

Additionally, this Race offers four Active Powers that you can choose to add to your Power Tray.

The first power is their race specific, right-click Dodge power, Dash.

The second power is Wild Charge, that zooms the Centaur forward and applies an Armor Break Debuff to any targets hit, reducing their physical mitigations by 20% for 15 seconds.

The third and fourth powers are a set of “toggle powers”, Strength of the Legion and Hippocratic Oath. Since they are toggle powers, only one of them can be active at a time. Both of these powers provide a buff to all members of your group. Strength of the Legion provides a 75 Attack rating increase and Hippocratic Oath provides a 75 Support rating.

The Minotaur Racial Runestone grants:

  • An attribute bonus to Dexterity.

The Minotaur Bloodline passive consists of:

  • An immunity to being stunned from attacks that hit them from the direction they are facing.

Additionally, this Race offers 2 Active Powers, which you can choose to add to your Power Tray.

The first power is their race specific right-click Dodge power Leap.

The second power is Bloodthirst, which for 6 seconds heals back all damage that is dealt to the Minotaur. However after that 6 seconds has expired, 50% of the damage healed back will be dealt as a damage over time in the next 6 seconds. (This power shares a cooldown with the Myrmidon Berserk power.)

The Guinecean Racial Runestone grants:

  • An attribute bonus to Dexterity and Intellect,
  • An increase to the Subsistence stat (increasing the amount of food they gain when they consume a food item)
  • A bonus Ring equipment slot (yes, they can wear three!)

The Guinecean Bloodline passive consists of:

  • The “Chicken Ticker” (food meter) is no longer reduced by jumping or using stamina in any way.
  • The Guinecean can now Double Jump.

Additionally, this Race offers three Active Powers that you may choose to add to your Power Tray.

The first power is their race-specific, right-click Dodge power, Leap Roll.

The second power is Guinecean Burrow, a toggle-style buff. While this buff is toggled on, the character remains in the Survival Tray and is considered stealthed. Guinecean Burrow does not give them an extra Power Tray, and will slowly drain their stamina over time. If they take damage, use a power, or run out of stamina, the stealth effect breaks.

The third power is Saltpeter Rounds, which applies a 30-second buff that increases the maximum distance of all ranged powers by 5m, and causes all “pistol” powers to passive apply a snare to the target.

The Racial powers above (both active and passive) will be available to ALL Classes that are available to that Race.

There is no in-game difference for Races that offer multiple genders, it’s purely cosmetic. As these three Races were originally considered ‘monster’ Races and, as such, we are planning only to make Male versions of them.


Due to popular demand, we added a stretch goal during our Kickstarter campaign to create a female version of the Centaur and that stretch goal was unlocked. This means you will be able to play a female Centaur as well if you so desire.

The planned line-up of available classes for each Race at launch is as follows:

Centaur - Knight, Champion and Cleric

MinotaurRanger, Champion and Myrmidon

Guinecean - Knight, Cleric and Duelist

Again, this is the planned list at launch. One of the benefits of splitting the Races and Classes up is that it opens the ability for our team to add more Race/Class combinations over time. If there is a particular Race/Class combination not planned for launch that you find particularly interesting, please let us know on the forums.

Now that we’ve split our Archetypes into Races and Classes, we’re taking the opportunity to make our Races more interesting. Races are unique in terms of attributes, equipment slots, powers and Bloodline Passives (which are always on and don’t chew up one of your three passive slots).

All three of these races (Centaur, Minotaur and Guinecean) will add notable new elements to the Crowfall Race line-up, and you can expect them to be popular in combat thanks to a wide variety of Bloodline Passives and Racial Powers.
That’s it for today! As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the forum, and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

Thomas “Blixtev” Blair
Design Lead, ArtCraft Entertainment

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