Thursday, December 28, 2017

Howdy folks!

Jack here, and today we’re going to be talking about something that’s been (understandably) a much-requested feature: keybinding! Until now, the available options for keybinding have been only the basics. You could bind one action to one key, with some keys and actions unavailable due to conflicts with reserved actions. The second iteration of this system will bring with it a lot more control over customizing your keybinding.

First, you’ll have full freedom with what actions you rebind. Want to move forward with the U key? Go for it! Want to rebind your powers bar from 1-8 to A-K? You got it! There are some keys that are off limits (Esc, Enter, and the Windows key), but these changes allow for every in-game action to be freely and uniquely bound.

With the new updates, we’ll also be able to categorize keybinding depending on the mode. So, for example, normal game mode will be a different category from placing items in your Eternal Kingdom. These categories mean that your keys can be bound differently in different modes, which gives you a plethora of customization opportunities.

Additionally, we’re adding limited modifier-key functionality! You can bind Ctrl, Shift, or Alt in any combination with other keys. This means you have even more options for really cool combinations. For example, you could set your keybindings to something like this:
• Shift + K to open the Spellbook.
• Alt + Q to use your Ultimate.
• Ctrl + B to open your Character Sheet.
• Shift + W to open your Spirit Bank.
• Bind the first half of your powers bar A-F and the second half Shift + A, Shift + S, etc.

As a toggle, the right mouse button and left mouse button clicked together will move you forward. With the addition of assigning the middle mouse button to open Alt mode, you can have all the core game functionality right on your mouse!

As mentioned, like any game, there will be a few keys that are off limits. These include Esc, Enter, and the Windows key. Everything else is up for grabs! So customize your keybinding to your heart’s content, and find the perfect setup for you. As always, we look forward to hearing from you in the discussion thread.

Jack Kirby
Utility Infielder, ArtCraft Entertainment

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