Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hey Crows,

Your favorite AP has returned yet again to deliver an update on building fortifications in the God’s Reach, which is one of several rulesets that will govern gameplay in the Dying Worlds. With true campaigns on the horizon, we wanted to give you a glimpse of how defendable keeps will be erected in Crowfall (subject to change as we iterate, as always).

Different Campaign Worlds can have entirely different rulesets to allow players to “dial in” their level of risk/reward and to keep the game fresh. Our initial test campaign will be a three faction ruleset—known as the God’s Reach ruleset—where the factions of Order, Balance and Chaos struggle for domination of the world (more details on this to come).

One interesting consideration with a faction-based ruleset is that factions are inherently leaderless, meaning that no one controls who can or can’t join the faction. For this reason, the rules that govern how you build keeps and forts have to be streamlined to make sure that the game experience remains playable even without anyone leading each of the factions.

That means that strongholds will use a capture-and-rebuild mechanic. In these worlds, players will fight over the ruins of existing castles and will need to collect resources from neighboring “points of interest" (POIs), specifically mines, mills and quarries, to rebuild the defensive structures in those strongholds. These POIs will be heavily disputed, so be prepared to fight to gain (and maintain) control of them.

This is done by “feeding” resources into what we call hungry spawners. Once acquired, harvested resources must be brought back to these spawners to begin the building process that will see structures through three distinct phases:

  1. Foundation
  2. Construction
  3. Completed

When players approach a structure foundation (a hungry spawner) they will be met with an “F to Interact” prompt. Upon interaction, a new screen will appear that will show the resources required for the structure to reach its Construction state. If the player dumps the required resources into the spawner, the building’s model and hitpoints will update to reflect its new state.


Once a building is in the Construction state, it can be interacted with a second time and, much like the first interaction, a window will appear showing the required resources to finish the process. After feeding it a second round of resources, the building will enter its Completed state. This is the state you are familiar with if you have participated in our recent playtests in either the Builderworld or your Eternal Kingdom.

Building (or re-building) strongholds in Crowfall is a resource-intensive, multi-player endeavor. It will take a coordinated team effort to establish (and defend) a stronghold in a Campaign World, but protecting capture points will be critical to the success of your faction.

We’ll discuss the design for sieges closer to the launch of the first test campaign. For now, we hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at keep construction, and that you’re rallying your friends to aid you on the battlefield.

See you in the Dying Worlds!

Max Lancaster Associate Producer, ArtCraft Entertainment

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