Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hi, everyone!

Art Director Melissa Preston here with an update about the High-Elves in Crowfall®. In addition to showing off some pretty art, I want to tell you about the visual direction behind the gear design.


When we started designing the full sets of gear, we had a few core details we needed to consider. We wanted our High-Elves to exhibit many of the “classic” fantasy elements that players expect in an Elf race, namely that they would be haughty and refined and would come from a culture that would appreciate art and detail, design and aesthetics.

We wanted their gear to reflect this appreciation for craft and artistry, so we allowed for more embellishment and excess in their designs. Other Races, like the Humans, may scoff at these elements and find them superfluous. Humans… Pah! Foolish Human savages!

Crowfall HighElfGear Female Watermarked

Crowfall HighElfGear Male Equipment Watermarked

The High-Elf Race was originally destined for the Frostweaver Class before we removed the Race and Class lock. We knew that we wanted this character Class to animate and move like a dancer, so we needed a design for the gear that wasn't too bulky or cumbersome for these kinds of movements. But we also wanted something exotic looking that set them apart from all the other Crowfall Races. To that end, we started researching cultures with more of a history of costume and dance as part of their traditions and pulled references from Thailand, Persia and even Samurai armor.

HighElfReference Watermarked

I love the detail and intricacies you see in Thai dress, especially those used in traditional folk dance. The layers of fabric and adornments, the richness and detail of the embellishments, and the flared shapes of the shoulder and neck pieces all very heavily influenced the designs of our High-Elf gear.

Here’s a peek a the final results.

HighElf Render Watermarked

And the best part is that we’re basically done with the art at this point, which means you’ll be able to play as a male or female High-Elf in the upcoming Pre-Alpha 5.6 test!

Since we no longer have the High-Elf Race locked to the Frostweaver, you’ll be able to make High-Elf Assassins, Knights and Confessors as well! For those of you that are still waiting on the Frostweaver Class, don’t worry. Blair is on top of it and you'll see a preview of those powers soon!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the visual direction behind the High-Elf gear. See you in-game!

Melissa Preston, Art Director
ArtCraft Entertainment

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