Thursday, June 21, 2018

On Thursday, June 21st we had a surprise livestream! With the reveal of 5.6, we took our first step into procedural world generation. Now, when new Campaigns are generated, the distribution of resources – all those trees, ore, and stones – is randomized. Previously, each of these had to be hand-placed by a designer which was, as you might guess, very time-consuming. This small advancement frees up valuable designer time, but it only gets bigger (and cooler) from there.

Game Designer Jonathan Pollard and Principal Technical Engineer Thomas Eidson walked us through the ins and outs of generating new worlds from scratch and what that means for Crowfall. They showed the process of placing dioramas, the use of data layers to make customizable adventure parcels, and how, with the click of a few buttons, they can generate entirely new, unique maps.


If you missed the stream, you can find the video on our official YouTube channel. Now's a great time to subscribe to our Twitch channel so you get notifications when we go live.

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