Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This Valentine's Day, join us as we introduce four of our newest members! ArtCraft has hit a growth spurt, and we're excited to welcome so many excellent people to our team. Each addition brings with them years in the gaming industry and expertise in their field that will help drive Crowfall® further forward. As a bonus, we added our most recent team photo. There are lots of new faces there! Without further ado, meet Rudy, Charlie, Lisa, and Tim.

Rudy Diaz, Senior Environment Artist
Rudy was born in the borderland city of El Paso, Texas. He learned how to walk in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. After a short stint there, his family returned to El Paso where he learned how to run! After high school, he went to The Art Institute of Phoenix to study 3D game art design. It’s been about 14 years since his first gig, and he hasn't looked back since; actually, he did look back once but quickly turned around. He loves his family, Austin, making games, riding mountain bikes and working on his never-ending project: an old VW bus.

Charlie Maxwell, Principal Programmer
A lifelong passion for games created a thirst for understanding how it all works that led Charlie into programming. Before joining ArtCraft, Charlie was a member of the DC Universe Online team, where he built content generation systems, player abilities, AI, and everything in between. Along with the logic puzzles of programming, he enjoys history, movies, history movies, and the Oxford comma.

Lisa Garrison, Director of Project Management
Helping teams work efficiently and effectively is Lisa’s passion. With a bachelor’s in Computer Science and a master’s in Business Administration from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, she spent two decades integrating software with hardware at Compaq, HP and Dell. Her first app was a digital version of Star Wars: A New Hope that was designed to get children excited about reading. This inspired Lisa to teach her sons to read before they started school by playing Zelda on Game Boy Color systems. Her career in project management began with BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the last few years, she has helped publish many mobile apps in the financial sector. She’s happy to return to the game industry to join the Crowfall team at ArtCraft.

Tim Fuller, Principal Programmer
Following his graduation from Virginia Tech, Tim moved to Austin hoping to break into the game industry. His big break came at Aspyr Media (like Doggett) where he got his first taste of MMO development by coding for Starport: Galactic Empires. His path eventually lead him to Wizard101 and Todd Coleman at KingsIsle, which Tim left in favor of being a remote employee for Trendy Entertainment to help ship Dungeon Defenders 2. Using Doggett as bait, Todd lured Tim back to an office to join the Crowfall team. When not complaining about having to wear pants to work, Tim enjoys raising his son, trading sleep for video games, board gaming with friends and staying caffeinated.

Welcome to the team, from ArtCraft with love!

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