Tuesday, January 3, 2017

For those of you just coming up to speed, we are currently offering the opportunity to invest in ArtCraft Entertainment! This is different than traditional crowdfunding because you aren’t just backing a project – you are becoming an investor in a company. Details of the raise can be found here.

Yesterday, we crossed the line for our second stretch goal at 35% (note: that’s not 35% of our target! That’s 35% of the maximum amount we are legally allowed to raise!)

That means…

  • Investors will now receive a Villa personal house and a Woodland Grove resource parcel, as well as the Bloodwine Fountain from our first stretch goal
  • Backers (who pledge prior to the end of the Title III raise) will now receive a Woodland Grove resource parcel and the Bloodwine Drinking Horn (the first stretch goal reward)

…for more information about what this means (and who qualifies for these rewards) check out our Founder’s Update from December 14th, 2017:

Today we are announcing our next (and probably last) stretch goal, which we are going to set at 50% of the maximum raise amount…

ParcelArt 2Cell CustomHamlet Concept-01-1024x525

New Stretch Goal - Fallen Colossus ParcelAt 50% of the maximum raise amount, ALL investors will receive a custom HAMLET city parcel (which we are calling the Fallen Colossus.)

ParcelArt 2Cell CustomHamlet-1024x672

Like any stronghold parcel, this can be installed in your Eternal Kingdom and used by you (and a few friends) to build a player-run town, in this case a two-cell hamlet.

ParcelArt 2Cell CustomHamlet wHouses-1024x672

This is a UNIQUE parcel, meaning that the ONLY way to get one of these is to participate in the Title III offering before it ends.

TIME IS SHORT, so if you are interested, don’t miss out!

As always, we appreciate your continued support of Crowfall® (and ArtCraft). Even if you choose not to participate, we do want to thank you for your consideration!

Woodland Parcel Sale Ends January 15thLastly, we want to give you guys warning that the Introductory Sale on Woodland parcels is going to end next week!

The following items will be affected in the Crowfall store:

  • Woodland Grove (sale price of $7.50 resets to standard retail price of $15)
  • Woodland Hills (sale price of $12.50 resets to standard retail price of $25)
  • Woodland Creek (sale price of $25 resets to standard retail price of $50)

If you are looking for a way to add knotwood, cobblestone or slag ore resources to your Eternal Kingdom, there is no better time to do it!

50% off Sale on Woodland Resource Parcels will end on January 15th, 2017!

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