Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hey folks! Quick update for you this week.

As you might recall, last week we finished our Title III/Reg CF equity crowdfunding raise with Indiegogo/MicroVentures. This was an interesting experience for us, as SEC regulations (and some laws on top of that) required us to limit our communications while planning for and doing the raise…. and for a company like ours that’s challenging, because “communicate with our community loud and often!” is one of the touchstones of our culture…

Now that the raise is over, however, we are much more free to discuss it!

In short, the raise was incredibly successful for us. We raised ~$670k -- blowing past our target of $150k and making us the ninth largest Title III raise ever (across all companies!)! Four companies participated in the Indiegogo launch, and we ended up raising more money, from more investors, than the other three companies combined.

We also get to welcome more than 1,200 new investors joining our founders, employees and accredited investors as fellow shareholders in ArtCraft Entertainment. We knew when we started ArtCraft that we wanted to crowdfund our game and, if we could, crowdfund our company, as well. We are happy to finally check that box.

Soon we’ll have a new private forum for investors, very similar to the Dev Partners Forum in setup, but with a focus on Investor communications (meaning it will be more company-focused instead of game-focused).

Now that the raise is over we’re even more focused on getting the next couple of milestones completed so we are poised to enter alpha (…and then beta, and then launch). In the meantime, we’ll also likely step up the frequency of our testing schedule as we bring more of the game systems online.

We’re excited about everything that is coming in 2017, both for Crowfall® and for ArtCraft. Thank you following us, backing our vision and/or investing – as always it is worth repeating that we wouldn’t be here without you.

Sincerely, Todd, Gordon and the ACE Team

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