Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hey, folks

In order to get more hours of testing in on our new Castle and City building system, we have decided to give our backers/current playtesters some testing goodies. Everyone in the Beta 2 test group and above will receive one set of "woodland parcels" (including a woodland hills parcel, woodland grove parcel and woodland creek parcel), a cottage and a complete small fort bundle (with a small fort kit and a shire parcel).

House Cottage Watermarked-1024x576

These items will be clearly marked on your account as “[TESTING COPY]”, and they are only being given out for the duration of this system test. You won't get to keep them when the game is live (or even for the duration of pre-alpha), but we do invite you to add them to you Eternal Kingdom, test the building system, have fun with these assets and (as always) give us your thoughts and feedback!

If you are one of the players that not interested in EK testing, you can gift these [TESTING COPY] resources to other players.

We'll announce the removal of these from your account when we are done with this round of EK testing.

A Note on our Recent Weekend Testing Problems

We've had to cancel the testing the last two weekends because of emergent show-stopper bugs with our build. Frankly, we are pretty disappointed. While bugs are common at this phase of development, having to cancel a test has been a pretty rare occurrence up until now -- and two weekends in a row has never happened.

Let's talk about why it happened and what we are doing to address it.

To put it simply, we are adding too many new features to the game too quickly. Many of these are things you guys know about; some are more "long leg" development tasks that we will be rolling out and testing over the next few months but require us to lay the groundwork now. Unfortunately, there is a direct correlation at work here: the more features we add, the more bugs we introduce. The faster you add them, the more they start to pile up.

We're taking this week to focus exclusively on bug fixing before this weekend’s test. While we always want to see the project moving forward, and while everyone loves new features and content, sometimes it is necessary to concentrate on bugs and polish. As mentioned before, we expect to go 24/7 with builds soon, and once we do that we'll add a testing server for new stuff so people can either play the known (presumably more stable) build any time -- or you can try the latest stuff on the test build whenever it is available.

We appreciate your patience as we work to get Crowfall® feature complete. Finding (and fixing!) bugs are an unavoidable part of the development and pre-alpha testing process, and we want to thank you all for your patience as we continue to make Crowfall a fantastic experience.

Thanks for supporting us!

J. Todd Coleman & Gordon Walton Co-Founders, ArtCraft Entertainment

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