Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thanks for the BuilderWorld test last weekend!

BuilderWorld accomplished everything we wanted thanks to all Pre-Alpha 1 and 2 test group members who showed off their building skills.

Enjoy this video showing off some of the tester creations! We hope you’ll share your screenshots and videos with us on the forums, too.


We found numerous bugs and some significant performance enhancements that we’re diligently working on this week. We also found a new, major exploit that we are already fixing.

The latter raises a good question about how we want to handle the use of exploits during testing. We’re pleased when people find and report exploits of any kind. This helps make the game more robust and ready for our eventual launch.

That said, we’re less pleased when people repeatedly use exploits not for testing but simply as a way to ruin the test for other people. (By "exploit" we mean unintended bugs/features that give you a gameplay advantage over other players). Testing exploits is fine if the intent is to provide us with steps for reproducing it. Using them repeatedly, especially in a way that damages the game experience for the other backers and lowers the value of testing, is not.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • If you find something you think is an exploit or unintended feature, experiment with it enough to confirm it and report it a soon as possible.
  • If the exploit hurts the play experience of other testers or the running of the service, better to report it immediately than experiment with it.
  • If you are using an exploit repeatedly to your advantage and/or to harm the service, you are violating the Rules of Conduct, and you risk being removed from the testing process.
  • Failure to report an exploit means that you also risk losing your access to Crowfall permanently.

We’ll continue releasing more information about Eternal Kingdoms over the next few weeks, and adding more test groups to the playtests as needed. This is a very important milestone for us as many of the tools and features that are connected to EKs are also cornerstones for other game systems. Keep that feedback coming!

Thanks as always for your support and for helping us test Crowfall!

J. Todd Coleman & Gordon Walton Co-Founders, ArtCraft Entertainment

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