Friday, March 31, 2017

April Fool’s, Crowfall style

Traditionally, April Fool’s Day is a time for practical jokes, and most companies show off some fictional expansions or products.

That’s not how we do things at ArtCraft.

Let us explain…

Those of you who have been following Crowfall for a while may remember “A Team Effort”, the video about Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman’s ‘hippogryph’.

IMG 0994-e1490914972430

In a fun sort of “life imitates art” twist, Todd strikes again.

"The statue of Lyessa, Mother of Snakes, is one of the more... let's say, 'enigmatic' pieces that we have done,” he explains. “I don't always provide the Art team with a sketch prior to concept; only when I think a piece is going to be particularly challenging to render, that's when I find that it helps to step in and give it a little nudge in the right direction."

Under Todd’s guidance, the team was able to produce the Gold Dragon relic and Silver Dragon statue, currently on sale in the Crowfall Store, exactly as Todd had envisioned them.

Golden Statue-630x1024

That may not seem like such a grand feat for our talented pool of artists -- until you see the original sketch…

todd sketch wm-609x1024

Wait… what?

That’s when Art Lead Dave Greco and 3D Artist Aaron Hamilton rose to the challenge to create this “Warden’s Dragon” decorative statue that we are just crazy enough to actually offer for a limited time.

concept wm-609x1024

That’s right, Crowfall fans. You can proudly display this twisted beauty in your very own Eternal Kingdom.

The joke is that it’s no joke.

But hurry! Like all good comedy, timing is everything. Warden’s Dragon is only available until April 17th.


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