Monday, December 17, 2018

Great news, Crowfall® testers! We're ramping up to deploy our first non-sanctioned campaign to the LIVE testing environment Tuesday, December 18. That’s tomorrow!

We will bring up the EU server sometime after 1 pm CST, followed by US servers sometime after 7 pm CST. Crowfall servers are not region locked, so players are able to play on all servers.

This initial round of testing of 'First Campaign (PRE-ALPHA 5.8)' is to identify changes that need to be made before the “sanctioned” campaigns (with actual rewards) begin.

“One distinction that I need to make is that there is a difference between pushing this version (5.8) to the LIVE environment and the start of our first ‘sanctioned’ (official) Campaigns,” wrote Creative Director J. Todd Coleman in an announcement last week. “Once we feel good about how these unofficial Campaigns are performing, we’ll trigger our first ‘sanctioned’ Campaigns. These will include guild and player spotlights, updates ‘from the front’ and unique rewards… plus, of course, the bragging rights to say that you were part of the winning team on the first ‘real’ Campaigns for Crowfall!”

This testing phase is open to backers in the Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups. If you’re not a backer yet but would like to jump into the action, all Starter Packs will give you immediate access to this round of testing along with all subsequent testing phases plus a full digital copy of the game at launch.

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