Monday, August 21, 2017

This week, a good chunk of our team is across the pond in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom! For those of you unfamiliar, Gamescom is one of the largest gaming events in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. Working closely with our partners over at Travian Games, Crowfall will have a booth set up at Kölnmesse Hall 10.1/B-050 with demo stations and developers on hand to answer questions.

To celebrate Crowfall’s first big show, we’ll be doing daily livestreams from our Gamescom booth. All of the streams will be on our Official Twitch channel. If you’re not already following us on Twitch, now is a great time to start so you will be notified when we’re streaming.

All streams will start at 6 pm CEST (11 am CDT). Each will also be accompanied by a sale on a specific item from the Crowfall Store.

Wednesday 8/23 – Building CastlesJoin Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Software Engineer Tommy Bentley as they discuss the finer points of the Eternal Kingdoms and what that means for the players and the game at large. Sale - Bronze Bundle: 33% off!

Thursday 8/24 – Race/Class Split and Power BarsAssistant Producer Max Lancaster and Software Engineer Akshay Ramesh talk about the recent work done on the much-anticipated Race/Class split and the improvements to the Powers Bar. Sale - Arkon Greatsword Relic: 50% off!

Friday 8/25 – Skill Tree and Character SheetsOur Creative Director J. Todd Coleman sits down with Software Engineer Susi Windeler to talk details on the new character sheet and important revisions to the Skills system. Sale - Parcel Hamlet Rank 1: 33% off!

Saturday 8/26 – Art ImprovementsCreative Director J. Todd Coleman and Art Director Melissa Preston discuss the vision behind Crowfall’s unique artistic look, from concept to creation. Sale - Fort Lodge: 33% off!

We look forward to seeing you soon, in-game, in person or on Twitch!

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