Thursday, August 24, 2017

A new Crowfall® cinematic premiered at Gamesom in Cologne, Germany this week. The video follows the adventures of a young woman called upon by the gods to serve as their champion in the epic Throne War.


Our plans to do daily livestreams from the convention were thwarted by sound issues; the hall was simply too loud for us to be able to produce quality audio. Instead, Creative Director J. Todd Coleman conducted a live Q&A on Wednesday with the audience in the Official Crowfall Twitch channel. (You can see highlights of the chat in this forum thread courtesy of Kraahk, a member of the Crowfall community.) Thursday evening, Todd was joined by a parade of dev team members for a livestream from the Crowfall party hosted by our EU publishing partner, Travian Games.

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We’d like to thank the incredible volunteers who gave their time to help out in our booth, everyone who stopped in to see us and those of you who attended the events from home. We look forward to meeting more of our community members at future events and in-game!

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