Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Crowfall® Campaign (Pre-Alpha 5.8) playtest goes live today (December 18, 2018) on the LIVE testing servers, allowing Crowfall backers to engage in the first non-sanctioned PvP Campaigns to try and conquer the world! If you are ready to join the Throne War, you can play by visiting the Crowfall Store and purchasing any Starter Pack to gain immediate access to the current LIVE playtest servers. Earn your place in Crowfall history!


This release is our last “pre-alpha” update! Next stop is alpha, followed by beta and launch. In early January, we will also be launching our first official ‘Sanctioned’ Campaign, where we will be offering unique cosmetic items and physical rewards to the top-ranked PvP competitors of the campaign.

As with any playtest, the goal is to find (and fix!) areas that need additional tuning and balance. This marks an important milestone for our project, as we scale up to a large-scale world with 10 unique continents with conquerable outposts, keeps and castles. This is designed to provide players with an end-to-end playable Throne War experience and to stress the servers under heavy player load.

As with every Crowfall playtest, this will be an iterative process that relies heavily on the participation of (and feedback from) our backer community. We hope that you will share your feedback on our Testing forums as this is a critical part of our “community-first” development philosophy. Your feedback is critical as we move forward into our first Sanctioned Campaigns!


The first official Sanctioned Campaign goes live in January. Sanctioned Campaigns are our official tournament events that include unique designated rewards for the winners. Each campaign will be known as the "War of..." to highlight that these are not just campaign worlds, but virtual wars that play out in real-time and result in a clear, decisive victor.

We will release more information on the sanctioned First Campaign event, including the rewards and rules, by the end of the year (2018)... Log in now to strengthen your forces, test your strategies and prepare yourselves in advance of the first Sanctioned Campaign!


Crowfall backers can join one of two non-sanctioned Test Campaigns on either the North American or European testing servers this evening (Tuesday, December 18th) at 8 PM CST (NA) and 8 PM CEST (EU) respectively. Prepare to join thousands of other players in an intense and competitive PvP battle for control of ten unique continents filled with outposts, keeps and castles. Collect stone from quarries, timber from forests and ore from mines to fortify your defenses -- or build colossal siege engines to lay siege to your neighbors and earn a place in Crowfall history!

(As with all scheduled playtests, times can shift so please check our website or social media channels for updates).

We’ve also added new Leaderboards, giving you the ability to track your score (and that of your competitors) moment-by-moment throughout the length of the campaign. Campaign, Faction and player stats, including the top ten players leading in points and kills, are included! Take the role of a soldier or king, assassin or mercenary, scout or masterwork crafter … and with dagger, sword or trowel you can carve out a place in the history of this world.


Some wars are won not by blade, but by coin. An expansive crafting and vendor system -- and completely player-driven economy -- allows crafters and merchants to make a tremendous difference (and a hefty profit) on the fate of each Campaign. The Free City and faction temples adds convenience by offering players the chance to restock and purchase goods at a ‘safe’ island set right in the center of the action - but with resources restricted to disputed territory only, great risk is coupled with even greater reward.


To the victor go the spoils of war and therefore choices matter. Survival is not your only reward! Race against seasonal challenges as the world progresses through a real-time day/night cycle, seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and randomized weather: fog, rain and snow. Store up food for the winter and plan your team’s unique survival strategy. Win glory, wealth and power as a champion of the gods!

Remember: no Campaign lasts forever, and in a matter of days, week or months this world will be no more. In the end, only one faction can take the throne and claim victory over this Campaign!


Recently, we introduced a new Talent Tree Systm that increases our array of character customization options from enormous to unprecedented! Players choose from 12 unique races and 11 classes (each with three promotion trees) and choose one or more Disciplines (sub-classes) from over 100 options. Want to create a Centaur - Knight - Archer - Alchemist - Scout? No problem!

Crowfall’s ultra-fast, no-grind advancement system has you covered! Additionally, the passive skill training system lets you gain skill points by praying to the gods, further customizing your character to your unique playstyle even when you are not online!


Crowfall represents an entirely new type of PvP MMO experience. Instead of pre-written quests, we are handing you the reins to write your own stories and drive the narrative of the game. Playing Crowfall is like living through a season of Game of Thrones where you either win or you die. No other game gives you the ability to fundamentally change the state of the world and change the game for every other player.

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