Thursday, December 20, 2018

Game Designer Valerie Kromas made her live stream debut today to talk about the work she's doing in the Cooking system.

While Crows are immortal, the vessels they inhabit are not. Staving off hunger is an essential part of Crowfall®. When the food resource pool [aka "the chicken ticker" in the top left of the screen] hits different thresholds a variety of things might affect you character, representing the physical state of the vessel they are inhabiting.

Here are the things that affect the character at the various food thresholds:
image (4)

Basically stay above 70% on your chicken leg meter and you are doing great! Physically exerting tasks will cause you to burn your caloric reserve.

Various aspect of gameplay will cause the food pool to decay.
• Every 90 seconds of out of combat time, 1 point decays.
• Every 30 seconds of in combat time, 1 point decays.
• Every 200 Stamina used - 1 point decays.
• Every 10,000 Health damage taken - 1 point decays.
• Every Jump - .02 point decays.

The best way to get those points back is to eat food, and that's where the importance of the Cooking System begins.


As Val promised, here are the charts for the current recipes, their categories and their buffs.

Inventory CategoryDescriptionBuff Amount
Junk FoodSpecialty recipes that usually have a give and take outcomefood/drink +10
Survival/BasicLowest category that staves off hunger and rarely has a buff effect with itfood/drink +15
GratifyingSecondary Tier and adds a slight bufffood/drink +20
Hearty and SatisfyingMid-grade recipes with better hunger fill and buffsfood/drink +25
Special and DeliciousHighest Tier recipes with the best buffs. The most complex of recipes are in this categoryfood/drink +35
FoodCategoryFood Hanging EffectsType + Food Restore
CakeJunk FoodAdds a health boost but limits staminafood +10
SlopJunk FoodGives food pool but may cause a minor poisonfood +10
WineJunk FoodIncreases stamina but increases rate of hungerdrink +10
MeadJunk FoodHunger ticker increase but chance to get dizzy every so oftendrink +10
Chocolate BarJunk FoodIn combat movement speed, reduces max HPfood +10
Chocolate MilkJunk FoodAdds a health boost but limits staminadrink +10
BreadSurvival - BasicDecreases the timer to get into Trailblazer 10% (Elves make such delicious bread!)food +15
CoffeeSurvival - Basicstamina increase 10drink +15
Raw MilkSurvival - BasicChance of food sicknessdrink +15
ButterSurvival - BasicChance to find cutting grit (Homework: Eat A Stick of Butter)food +15
Hot PeppersSurvival - BasicFire damage bonus 2%food +15
Seasoned MushroomSurvival - BasicChance to find soulgems 2%food +15
Trail MixSurvival - basicChance to find nuts and worms 3%food +15
Mushroom Stew/Artisan CheeseGratifyingincrease harvest critical chance +5%food +20
Mushroom Sandwich/Cheese SandwichGratifyingcritical harvest critical amount +1food +20
kebabsGratifyingplentiful harvest +1 for each core harvesting typefood +20
bone brothGratifyingIncoming heals by 3%drink +20
bloodworm stewGratifyingHunger ticker and speed boostfood +20
campfire stewGratifyingMounted Movement speed 5%food +20
spiced chocolate milkGratifyingincrease to elemental damage by 3%drink +20
apple juiceGratifyingharvest weak spot by 5%drink +20
carrot juiceGratifyingRanged Powers Shoot +3m (GET IT?? CARROTS MAKE YOU SHOOT FURTHER!!)drink +20
pot pieHearty and Satisfyinggrants an extra experimentation pip for x time (+4 basic = +1 to all)food +25
pesto gnocchiHearty and Satisfyinggrant the .5 harvesting half pip on each swingfood +25
Meat Marsala (all meats, no wildcard)Hearty and Satisfyinggrants an increase to all songs by 6sfood +25
biscuits and gravyHearty and SatisfyingFood Regen Rate for 20 minfood +25
meat sandwichHearty and SatisfyingElemental mitigation buffs for x time - one for each type of element, fire, electric, ice)food +25
Bon TippersHearty and SatisfyingExperiment Difficulty Modifier for 1 experiment (raise a glass to the clouds to steady your hand)drink +25
steak and potatoesSpecial and Deliciousincreases melee power damage by 5% for 20 minfood +35
baked ice creamSpecial and DeliciousChance When dealing damge to proc X AoE Fire split evenly!food +35
ice creamSpecial and DeliciousChance When using Basic Attack to proc X Ice damage (5m range 35% chance, 20 sec cooldown)food +35
paellaSpecial and Deliciousincreases ranged power damage by 5%food +35
meat burgundySpecial and DeliciousBasic attack damage by 10%food +35
pot roast/roasted pigSpecial and Deliciousprovides a 3% healing bonusfood +35

Valko is looking forward to hearing your feedback about the Cooking system. Chat her up in our forum!

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