Tuesday, November 13, 2018

With the changes detailed in last week's article about the New and Improved Crowfall Lobby (spoiler alert: the character creation is done through the lobby now instead of inside Campaigns and Eternal Kingdoms), it stands to reason that some of the character building options have changed, too.


The vessel system is unique to Crowfall. You are an immortal Crow, chosen by the gods as an Eternal Champion to collect the souls of the damned and the dying. Being eternal, your spirit retains the memory of countless lives and can bring these memories into any vessel they inhabit. These are bodies pieced together by necromancers and come in a variety of Races and Classes. You can use one vessel forever or have a few that you switch between. It’s all up to you!


The Crowfall universe is made up of hundreds (eventually thousands) of unique worlds, arranged in “clusters”.

We generate these worlds procedurally, so there is literally no limit to how big the Crowfall universe can be! In most games, the characters that you create are locked to a single world, but Crows are not subject to these limitations. Crows can jump between worlds inside a cluster via runegates or move between clusters using a selection interface the lobby.

To facilitate this, in the First Campaign (5.8) version of the game, players will access character creation from the lobby rather than in-game and then select a cluster from either a list of Campaigns or a list of available Eternal Kingdoms.

In character creation, players can opt to either create a new character (using a default vessel) or they can use any vessel currently stored in their Spirit Bank.


Another big addition to the First Campaign (5.8) version of the game is appearance customization! Every one of our launch Races is now supported in the game and almost all of them now have multiple options for customization.

For those of you keeping track, you can tell that we’re getting close to the end on this front — we now have every Race available, and an (almost) complete range of Classes to choose from. (Ten down, one to go! To our aspiring Frostweavers: we promise we haven’t forgotten you!)

Crowfall CharacterCreation Minotaur 01

As a refresher, or for those of you who haven’t decided which Races and Classes you are most interested in, don’t forget that you can check out the combination table here.

When building your vessel, once you’ve selected your Race and Class, you can move on to the customization screen. Here, you can choose gender, different facial features (and markings), hair (or horns), and choose from a variety of colors for skin and hair.

Crowfall CharacterCreation Minotaur 02

Crowfall CharacterCreation Minotaur 03


The next step is to pick a world for your newly-created character to log into. There are two options, each of which is on a separate tab:

The CAMPAIGNS tab will show a list of Campaigns that this character can enter. Once selected, however, it should be noted that your character will be LOCKED inside this Campaign until it ends.

The KINGDOMS tab will show a list of the player-run Eternal Kingdoms (EKs) that this character can enter or you could elect to create your own EK. Characters are not locked to a Kingdom and can be pulled out at any time, at which point they can be selected to enter a different Kingdom or put into a Campaign. (Remember, they get locked into this Campaign as noted above.)

Crowfall CharacterCreation Minotaur 04


When a Campaign ends, you will be presented with a CAMPAIGN RESULTS screen that displays the winning Faction (and, if you were in this faction, provide you with a chance to reap the spoils of war in the form of the rewards associated with that Campaign). What kind of rewards do we have in mind? More on that later!

It should be noted that multiple characters from the same account CAN be added to the same Campaign; however, a given account can only be in a single Faction in that Campaign — and you’ll only get one set of Campaign rewards if you are in the winning faction.

After the Campaign is over, any locked characters will be returned to the lobby where they can pick a new world to log into subject to the entry requirements of that world.

This is just a quick look at one of the many areas that we’ve updated in 5.8. Stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks as we get closer and closer to seeing you in the game!

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