Thursday, November 1, 2018

As the winds shift with the changing of the seasons, it carries the familiar sights and smells of the fall and impending winter. But there’s something else, too. A sense of foreboding, a ripple of electricity that prickles the back of your neck and traces down your spine.

It’s coming.


The time has come to call the banners and prepare for what lies ahead in Crowfall®. Knowledge is power; choose your Skills wisely. Protect those who toil at the harvest and work bench, crafting the tools that will shift the balance between victory and defeat. Guide your guildmates in the tactical arts.

Throughout November, join us on the road to the "First Campaign". Whether you’re new to the world or a battle-tested Crow, we’ve got something for you in these updates:

  • New Lobby flow and character creation improvements
  • Training and gearing up
  • Tips for group harvesting
  • An introduction to upcoming crafting changes
  • Choosing a Faction

Pre-Alpha 5.8: "First Campaign" is coming.

Get ready to “git gud”.

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