Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hello, hello!

Valkro from Design here to give you an update on a new feature planned for Crowfall®: vendors.

The concept of a vendor isn’t new, but we’re hoping to expand on the basic notion of a player-driven shopping experience by giving you the tools to set up your own shop and populate it with the items you choose to sell.

Our first phase of vendors will be available to play soon, and I want to give you a bit of a glimpse into how they work.


First, you will need to craft your vendor and your stall before you can use it. If you’re already familiar with Geomancy, you will have no trouble finding these new recipes and crafting them yourself. If you aren’t familiar with our Geomancy recipes, you can find and create these recipes under the Stonemasonry recipe book. Within that recipe space, you can find everything from parcel to building crafting.

Initially, there will be 11 various stalls you can craft with a unique theme that will visually communicate to patrons and visitors the style of wares your vendor is selling. Variations of themes include jewelry, alchemy, melee weapons, ranged weapons, necromancy, and more! We’ve also included a general stall just in case you aren’t particularly set on a definitive shop.


Using the Eternal Kingdom's building placement mode, you’ll be able to place a vendor stall and an accompanying vendor into your own space. These stalls use an annex socket that connects to the outside of the Manor, Villa, or Cottage. This will allow visitors to your EK to find your stall and vendor easily.

Once your stall is placed within your EK, you will then need to socket the actual vendor into your stall. The vendor uses a unique socket type and can only be placed within a stall. After you have successfully placed your vendor, you will be able to access your store front.

After the initial setup of your stall and vendor, you’re ready to start populating a sales list. Go ahead and interact with your vendor, whom our team lovingly refers to as “Mario”, and you’ll notice a brand new pop-up window will appear. Before you can add some items to your vendor, you’ll need to make sure you have money in your coffer in order to maintain your shop; think of this as a maintenance cost, like a salary for the vendor, rather than an actual fee. There is also a nominal fee that occurs each billing cycle, referred to as an upkeep cost, so make sure to check your coffer frequently.


Once your coffer has gold currency in it, you will then be able to place items within the vendor window. Simply drag and drop your item from your inventory into the vendor window and a new pop-up will appear that will allow you to set a selling price for your item. Once you’ve accepted a cost, your new item will appear within this window and is ready to be purchased by your EK visitors. It’s that easy!

Within the vendor interface, you will also be able to give your shop a unique name by entering text in the upper left corner of the window. You can also see a sales report of items sold within this window as well as the upkeep cost and next billing cycle your shop will incur.

purchasing screenshot

With this new addition to Crowfall we’re hoping to continue to improve and grow our support for the community-driven economy. I’m really excited to see how our players will utilize this system, and I can’t wait until we add a few more features in our next phase.

Thanks for reading and remember to stay hungry!

Valerie “Valkro” Kromas, Game Designer
ArtCraft Entertainment

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