Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Scoring mechanics changes were at the forefront of Tuesday’s live stream with Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas “Blixtev” Blair.

With the first Sanctioned Campaign just around the corner, Todd spoke last week about incoming changes to capture points and scoring mechanics. In the live stream, Todd explained that the team is working toward implementing these changes before the first Sanctioned Campaign kicks off.

In studying the results of the first non-sanctioned campaigns, game designers found that they were seeing the exact situation that Crowfall® was supposed to avoid (explained as “the Uncle Bob scenario" in our Kickstarter video), keeping the game fun over time for all of the players rather than having one player pull out into the lead and leaving the others hopeless.

“What we went looking for,” Todd explained, “was a self-correcting mechanic that would naturally benefit the weaker teams and feel organic without actually giving them a benefit that the other team could not get. What we came up with was basically a capture or a bonus pool. So, in addition to the forts and the keeps and the outposts giving you points over time just for holding them – which means that if you’re uncontested over time you don’t really have to do much – we also put in a bonus pool that is slowly growing the longer you hold on to a thing. If somebody manages to dislodge you from that location and take it from you, they instantly get a bunch of points.”

Todd said, “By definition, it just kind of naturally will be more beneficial for the people who are further behind because by definition those people will have less bonus points in their pools; the guys who have held stuff longer, and held more important things longer, will by definition have bigger pools.” It also means that there will be targets of varying importance over the course of a campaign, adding to the excitement as players vie to capture and maintain control of key areas.

Here are some of the questions and answers from the Q&A portion of the stream.

Q: Will the capture and scoring mechanics make people not care about spring and summer?
Todd: I don’t think so because you still do get benefits. You’re absolutely trying to do the best you can because you want to be in the best position going into those later seasons.

Q: Will the forts and keeps be hostile at the beginning when the campaign starts?
Todd: We started with them being claimable at the beginning, but we didn’t like that because it made it too much of a “rush out and grab whatever you can”, so now we’ve made it to where they’re neutral.

Q: Will capture bonus apply to the Dregs?
Todd: The capture bonus is a general mechanic that I intend to use for all of the campaigns.

Watch the video for a full view of all of the information and insights shared by Todd and Blair during the stream.

CFLive JanQ&A2019

Join Todd and Blair and for another live stream at 11 am CST on Thursday, January 10, hosted by Zybak. Immediately following, watch Art Lead Dave Greco in action during a live stream of his own on the Official Crowfall Twitch channel.

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