ACE Q&A for December: LIVE!

ACE Q&A for December: LIVE!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

As a departure from presenting our monthly ACE Q&A as a video, we instead did a special year-end, hour-long live stream this month with segments featuring various members of the Crowfall Dev Team including Chief Creative Officer J. Todd Coleman, Design Director Thomas “Blixtev” Blair.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • We’re still looking for Campaign Correspondents who’d like to share their stories from the battlefront when the first sanctioned campaign begins. See “Spotlights and War Stories” for more information.
  • Following up on the “The March to First Campaign” article that we published on Tuesday, Todd explained a bit more about the difference between Campaigns and Sanctioned Campaigns. [Jump to 2:58]
  • Thomas “Hanseshadow” Eidson gave an update on the map-related work he’s been doing with his “Clusterizer”. [Jump to 14:22]
  • Art Lead David Greco and Senior Animator Eric Doggett stopped in to give a quick update from the Art team regarding animation fixes and revisions. [Jump to 25:15]
  • Live Q&A segment with Todd and Blair answering lots of viewer questions about what makes Crowfall unique, imports and exports, the Disciplines sub-classing system and changes to the Druid. [Jump to 33:44]
  • The ArtCraft founders (Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton) rounded out the stream talking about their partnership, the status on establishing VIP benefits and the importance of interacting directly with the community. [Jump to 50:00]

The full video on demand is available if you would like to watch (or rewatch).

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