Thursday, November 29, 2018

Note: This is a continuation of Tuesday’s news update, A Promotion Classes Primer, Part 1. Again, we’d like to thank the Caldera guild and the contributors at Malekai.org for the information and insights they provided for this resource.

The Eternal Champions of Crowfall® base lineup consists of 12 Races and 11 Classes. The customization options for character advancement then branch out in an epic multitude of ways.


Alpha Warrior: Critical hits and Dominance are the building blocks for the towering terror you’ve become on the battlefield. Use Leap along with your basic attacks to build up Dominance more quickly, then watch as your Neck Breaker shakes the very ground from under their feet.

Barbarian: You don’t need to be civilized when you command this much power. It’s a formula easy enough that even a Barbarian can learn it: Leap for the knockdown, Whirling Pain for the slow and Neck Breaker to crush. Simple. Effective. Deadly.

Pit Fighter: Are you the scrappy sort that hates to see a fight end too soon? Your Ultimate power, Invincible Warrior, gives you a damage preventing barrier and healing over time for minimal soul power cost. Since the Pit Fighter passive (stackable five times!) gives you +100 attack power with every self-healing effect trigger, you’re well equipped to go the distance.

CF Minotaur-Champion WM


Arbiter: Your knack for both crowd control and support will make you an asset to your team. Stop an advancing horde in their tracks with a double sized Hand of the Gods, draw from the power of your Holy Symbol to knock down up to three enemies, and then tap into Divine Order to do it again by resetting the cooldowns on those and other powers.

Crusader: Your increased critical heal chance and crit heal amount will keep your allies at the top of their game, particularly when you Illuminate them for health and restoration. Crusader keeps your mana supply flowing so you can lavish heals on your critically-injured allies. Should things take a turn for the worst, Empowered Circle of Life lets you resurrect fallen comrades with nearly half their hit points as well.

Radical: You can heal in a pinch, but your true talent is smiting enemies. Reset your Searing Light cooldown by scoring critical hammer attacks using the Radical passive. The crits keep coming when you use Critical Illumination to boost your critical chance until you've crit three times. On top of that your Holy Symbol causes damage, your range is increased and the soul power cost of Divine Order is greatly reduced.


Fanatic: Use Absolution and Condemnation to subjugate the unfaithful, making them more vulnerable to your allies’ attacks. Those heathens deserve it. Any damage-over-time effects used against you bear a chance of being countered by your passive power, Cleansing Fire, which will not only clear the DoTs, but also apply some healing for each one it removes.

Inquisitor: You’ll recognize this path as a more traditional Confessor-type. Enemies will Feel the Burn thanks to the passive power you possess that gives you a 5% chance to DoT them with fire when you employ your fire powers. Did we mention Fire Tornadoes? Inquisitor tornadoes deal even more damage, and they can be used to absolutely punish opponents.

Sanctifier: If you prefer your action up-close and personal, this path takes you there, making you a true Battle Mage. Your kit consists of a high pulsing damage aura that isn’t removed by tornadoes, Condemnation which heals you, and protective barriers that envelop you when your Righteousness triggers. You will want to equip that Plate armor before loading out the Spitting Distance passive, which reduces the range of all your powers to melee range, but greatly increases their damage.


Archdruid: You’ve got two trays at your fingertips, literally Life and Death. When you master the ability to seamlessly switch between them, you’re a force to be reckoned with. The enhanced buffs, Bark Skin and Nature’s Avatar, offer increased protection for you and your allies. Using Blight will adorn the field with beautiful, deadly orbs that will blow the enemy away. Should someone be foolish enough to attempt a direct strike against you, they may be stunned to see how Shroud of Darkness affects them.

Earthkeeper: An enhanced version of Bark Skin will provide you with healing over time so that you can focus on supporting your teammates. Bless a targeted area with Healing Rain to provide your allies with 27 to 33 + 30% weapon damage healing. The Commune with Nature passive goes into effect when you’ve racked up 500 Essence, consuming it for a +5% healing bonus and pulsing out resource restoration to your entire group.

Stormcaller: The Life tray will be gone, but it’s a fair swap considering the damage you’ll be able to deal out. Your Capacitor passive power turns you into a living energy ball, restoring your Essence and zapping anyone who damages you. Use the Lightning Burst combo to zap foes and turn them into pulsing Aurora Emitters. Combine with Lighting Bugs to strip electricity mitigation from enemies with your Faerie Fire, your foes will take increased electric damage.

CF WoodElf-Druid WM


Secutor: Grab your tower shield. With lots of shield improvements and increased health, you’ll be ready to rumble. Shieldsmanship is a passive that will raise your Shield Bash base damage by 100%. (Yes, 100%, that’s not a typo!) Furthermore, all successful shield attacks will grant you combo points that can be used for Shield Bash.

Sentinel: Pairing your shield with a mace will not only make you look intimidating, it will allow you to take advantage of this path’s Macemanship passive for better crowd control, damage and movement speed buffs. Charge up Shield Slam to more than 66% to critically hit and push enemies back. Or, if you prefer, you can use Chain Attack to pull them towards you instead, and then bash them. It’s good to have choices.

Swordsman: As the name implies, this is the path for those who prefer the heft and balance of a finely-crafted sword and the Swordsmanship passive that can proc a basic attack and damage buff (at no cost to you!). Obliterate enemies for a 100% critical hit chance when using bleed effects. The cooldown on Pursuit is reduced by 50%, meaning that you can charge, crush and crush the nearest enemy before he even knows what hit him.

CF Elken Knight WM

But, wait, there’s more!

Don’t stop at promotion paths when building your Eternal Champion. There are still a multitude of Talents and Disciplines you can add to further enhance, improve and specialize each character. Watch for updated information on these features and more in the near future.

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