Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Note: The following is the first of a two-part installment featuring information and insights that were gathered by the guild Caldera and is being used with their permission. We also recommend that you visit Malekai.org for additional information about Disciplines, Powers and Skills mentioned here.

Customizing your Crowfall® character goes far beyond selecting a Class, Race and your appearance. The Promotion Class system offers a plethora of paths you may choose from to create the type Eternal Champion you wish to be.

This handy chart illustrates the Class and Race combinations available in Crowfall.

CF Race-and-Class-Combos-1024x576

Today, we’re exploring the Promotion Class options available to the Assassin, Duelist, Myrmidon, Ranger and Templar.


Blackguard: Being toxic isn’t always a bad thing. Your Poison Paradise passive grants 8% Lifesteal on all attacks when nature or poison toxins are employed. A protective barrier defends you from taking damage when you stun enemies, which pairs well with reduced cooldowns for Kidney Shot and Backstab.

Cutthroat: With a Shadow Strike passive that grants a 20% increase in damage dealt from behind your target, you’ll be perfectly comfortable foregoing chivalry. Take another 10% damage bonus for a Kidney Shot or land a successful Backstab for an additional +20% to damage.

Vandal: Blessed with the passive Yaga’s Gift, fatal attacks that should leave you shuffling off the mortal coil will instead merely reduce you to 15% of your maximum health and give you 90% mitigation for four seconds. Kidney Shot an opponent to apply Severe Bleed, stun from stealth to hit ‘em hard with Cheap Shot and suppress enemies with that beautiful Backstab.


Slayer: Feeling Lucky? You will be as this crit-powered passive empowers your next Inconceivable, Dodge or Reflect Pain. These agile “Pistol Duelists” get an increased range, a Flintlock Shot that can be used instantly on demand as an interrupt and a new Ultimate attack, Dynamite, with a 50% drop in soul power cost while granting two Dodge pips.

Vanguard Scout: This stealth-focused build passively lavishes you with a 35% Lifesteal damage bonus for attacks launched from stealth. Also features a new Cheap Shots power to further harass enemies from stealth and a reduced cooldown for Tunnel.

Dirge: Slip into stealth and prepare to open with Ambush or Snipe to whap your foe with a powerful knockdown. Bring up your pistol for a Pepperbox Shot that will debuff your opponent with a reduced piercing mitigation so your attacks will pack more punch, then finish the dance with a much more deadly Impale that can not only stun with Gut Wound but also causes additional damage, courtesy of the Dirge passive power, to enemies whose health is below 50%.


Titan: Your Indestructible Frenzy buff will prevent you from falling below one hitpoint while it’s in effect. Bleeding targets will take even more damage when Bloodthirst kicks in, especially when using Neck Slash multiple times per Frenzy.

Battle Rager: Tank your way to heroic legend with this Promotion Class. Tap into Invincible Storm to shrug off the damage caused by post-Whirlwind Berserk Crash. Even better, your passive power increases your maximum health by 50% of the Berserk Crash damage you avoided.

Conqueror: Maybe crowd control is more your thing. Conquerors can dish out more crowd control than they receive with Unstoppable Vengeance, making them the life of the party. Whirlwind through the battlefield, slowing the enemy and causing a critical hit defense debuff while you’re immune to crowd control effects.


Archer: This build puts the “range” in “Ranger”, providing valuable area of effect support for your teammates in the thick of the battle. Plant your feet firmly on the ground to take advantage of your Fire for Effect! passive. Here’s how it works: for every third bow power charged over 95% while stationary, the charging time required for additional charged-up bow shots will be reduced by 50%.

Brigand: Variety is the spice of the Brigand’s life as you’ll enjoy both stealth and melee abilities. The Aero Spin passive grants you a 25% gain every second to damage from your next Dagger Spin, stackable up to 10 times, Archers Stake juices you up with a +100 Attack Power bonus while ensnaring your enemies.

Warden: Full-flavor melee is at your fingertips as you set Faerie Bomb-infused traps and then Forest Step directly to your targets to land a wholloping 76-103 +89% weapon damage. What’s more, you can do all of this in fashionable, protective mail.


Fury: The Templar of choice for crowd control aficionados. Call down the thunder with Explosive Light, knocking down and dazing your opponents on the field. Halt enemies where they stand with Subjugate, a new power combo following Judgement. Other perks include increased durations of crowd control effects with a reduced soul power cost when taking advantage of your Ultimate power, Brilliance.

Paladin: Sometimes it pays to be the good guy. Your Paladin passive grants a stacking chance for critical heals to you with each ally you heal, Virtuous Light does away with the the need to maintain Righteousness, and Profound Devotion heals your allies and you for 50% of the damage you deal. The icing on the Paladin’s cake is a free 12-second healing circle thanks to the removal of Divine Light’s pip requirement. Enemies within that field periodically suffer 168 - 252 + 210% Fire Weapon damage.

Vindicator: With a reliable supply of support and healing on your team, trading off survivability for damage buffs can be worthwhile, particularly in consideration of the increases to fire and slashing damage that are provided by your Vindicator passive. Blazing Light is another trade-off option, swapping the healing powers of Divine Light for high damage instead, and Executioner lets you pile on the DPS in a wave of glory.

More to come

Watch for Part 2 on Thursday when we showcase the remaining Promotion Classes. With so much to choose from, we're sure you'll want to explore several. Meanwhile, tell us which of the today's featured Promotion Classes suits your playstyle best.

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