Archetype Focus: The Ranger

Archetype Focus: The Ranger

As most of you probably know, we’ve been hard at work on our next archetype – and our goal is to add the Ranger to our next round of testing (Siege Perilous) in March.

We’re solidly “in the tornado” of development now, and this archetype is really coming together!  The base equipment set is done, the character is all rigged and ready to start integrating into the game.  That means we’ve started creating all of her alternate armor sets, designing her powers and crafting both her unique animations and her spell FX.

The Ranger is the most versatile archetype that we’ve designed so far, with:

  • The ability to hide,
  • The ability to set traps, and…
  • Two different fighting styles!

That’s right: the Ranger can blend between melee and ranged as the situation warrants. For melee combat, the Ranger is a natural dual-wielder (with a handful of cool dual-weapon maneuvers and great mobility) and for ranged combat, she uses archery (of course!)

This begs the question: why two fighting styles?

The answer is simple: the Ranger is our first archetype to use a weapon that requires ammunition.

Yes, that means you’ll need arrows to use your bow. As a fallback, when you’re out of ammo, you’ll need to draw your blades and get up close and personal.

Eventually her weapons (and arrows!) will, of course, need to be crafted…  For now, we’re going to drop bundles of arrows as loot, but this is just a stop gap measure until our crafting system comes online!

Here are a few quick renders to show great she looks!


…and as a reminder for those who don’t read our site as often:

Yes, there is a corresponding male version of this archetype, and

Yes, we will allow full appearance customization in the game at launch!

That’s it for today! Keep an eye here for more information about the Ranger’s power and playstyle as we push towards Siege Perilous (aka pre-alpha test 2.0!) in March!


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