Crowfall Basics: Game guide

About Early Access

"Early Access" is a process that allows players to get a look at a game while it is still in the early stages of development. While games in early access are often very "buggy" and lack much of the content they need for launch, it can be quite an interesting (and educational) experience to see the behind-the-scenes development of a video game over time.

Crowfall® has offered players the chance to participate in Early Access for approximately two years. Our backers (i.e. players who donate pledges to help make Crowfall a reality) are assigned to "test groups" based on which pledge package they select. The general order of testing is: Pre-Alpha (group 1, then 2), followed by Alpha (group 1, then 2, then 3) followed by Beta (group 1, then 2, then 3, etc.)

Our current test is separated into two environments: LIVE and TEST. LIVE is generally open to all available test groups (currently all Pre-Alpha, all Alpha and Beta 1 - 3). Access to TEST is generally restricted to smaller groups of backers. Currently Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3 have access to TEST. We are testing both Campaign Worlds and Eternal Kingdoms, with many core systems online – and more coming online every month!

If you would like to participate in testing, too, purchase any pledge package marked “Early Access” and start playing today!

Need help? Check out these FAQs or email us:
New to Crowfall testing? This guide will help you get set up and playing quickly.

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A. Crowfall is in the Pre-Alpha 5 test phase. The following test groups have been activated for playtesting on our LIVE server which is available 24/7: Pre-Alpha 1 and 2, Alpha 1 – 3, Beta 1 - 3.

B. To verify your test group:


Here are the recommended first steps to begin your Crowfall adventure. Continue reading to learn more about each.

I. Create an account
II. Download and install the game
III. Log in
IV. Train skills
V. Create a Kingdom
VI. Create a character
VII. Talents
VIII. Configure Power Tray
IX. Harvest resources
X. Craft weapons and armor
XI. Add Disciplines and Runestones
XII. Join a Campaign

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A. Click REGISTER at the top right of the home page to open the Registration page.

B. Complete the form by filling in the information requested for each field. These login credentials will be used for the Crowfall website, forum, and game.

C. Note that the username you select will be visible as your username on our forum and in-game.

D. Also note that a pledge package is required to post on the Crowfall forum; however, for the first 30 days after registration, anyone without a pledge package may post in the “Welcome to Crowfall” forum.

E. Click ACCOUNT to open the Account page. Here, you can view and modify information about your account including set up or removal of two-factor authentication (2FA), send and receive gifts and set your forum badge preferences.


A. To download the game, log into your account and go to the client page. (If you are not in one of the activated test groups, you will not be able to download the client.)

B. Click the blue button marked CONTINUE.

C. You will be presented with two separate download options: LIVE PATCHER DOWNLOAD and TEST PATCHER DOWNLOAD.

LIVE PATCHER - The LIVE environment is where you’ll find the game running 24/7. It includes all the regular features: the Skill tree, Eternal Kingdoms and Campaign Worlds. LIVE represents the more polished version of the game. This environment will be updated less frequently, but will also be subject to fewer bugs and outages than the TEST environment. If you want a more stable, 24/7 experience, play the LIVE environment.
TEST PATCHER - The TEST environment is a rougher version where new features will appear first. You’ll see more frequent patches that are in a more unrefined state than the patches for the LIVE environment. You should also expect more resets here, and when this happens staggered access will restart with Pre-Alpha 1, then Pre-Alpha 2, and so on. The TESTING environment’s schedule will be in flux; we’ll likely bring it up whenever we have a new patch that needs a larger frame of testing than we can provide in the office. If you’re okay with a more unpredictable playing experience and want to be on the front lines of testing the newest features, use the TEST environment. Currently the following groups have access to TEST: Pre-Alpha 1 - Alpha 1

NOTE: You may choose to download both patchers, but be aware that these are completely separate. must be installed individually and will only work for the corresponding server.

D. Click the green DOWNLOAD button for the desired patcher. It will download a zipped folder.

E. Extract all these files to a new folder. It can be on your desktop or even on another drive.



A. In the Crowfall folder, click the application called “CFLiveLauncher.exe”. This will prompt you to use your login credentials. If you have chosen not to use two-factor authentication (2FA), leave that field blank. Click OK to begin the patching process.

B. When patching is complete, press the green button with the arrow at the bottom right corner of the patcher window to enter the game. It may take a few moments for the game to load.

C. Upon successful login, you will enter the Lobby, where you can navigate to different features of the game (some of which are described more fully in this guide):

  1. CAMPAIGNS and KINGDOMS – Click ENTER to browse a list of available Campaigns and Kingdoms. (See more on Campaigns and Kingdoms below.)
  2. Train SKILLS – Manage your account-level passive training. (See more on Skills below.)
  3. Import PURCHASES – In-game assets that you have purchased in the Crowfall Store or that were included in your pledge package rewards may be imported into the game for use in your Eternal Kingdom. These items cannot be used in Campaign Worlds. (Find more information about Importing Purchases below.)
  4. Watch training VIDEOS – This collection of videos will provide basic information about various character classes and game features. We also recommend that you visit the Official Crowfall YouTube channel for more videos.
  5. Change your SETTINGS – Here you can make adjustments to Graphics, Audio and Input.
  6. Chat – The chat window appears in the lower left of the screen. You may either click the Chat window with your cursor or hit ENTER to activate the Chat window. This will place your cursor into the text field where you can type messages to interact with other players. Hit ENTER again to send the message. Tabs across the top of the Chat window display the channel names. Learn more about Chat commands in this article.


A. In Crowfall, passive training occurs at the account level, and many skills will be applicable to multiple characters.

B. The Profession sphere is divided into three different skill trees: Combat, Crafting, and Exploration. Every account can train two separate trees at a time. Skill training continues even when you are offline.

C. To begin skill training from the Lobby, click SKILLS from the top menu.

D. To the left-hand side, click Browse to choose which skill tree should begin earning points. Once you have enough experience points, you can spend them in that skill tree.

E. Click Spend Points on the track you'd like to spend points in (or, navigate to the skill tree by using Browse and click View Skills). Simply click a skill node to spend points in it. Each one has five ranks in total.

Crowfall WoodlandVillage 03


A. Every Crowfall account has a personal housing area called the Eternal Kingdom (EK).

B. You may craft items such as land parcels, buildings, and palisades for use in your EK, or you may purchase them from the Crowfall Store.

C. To import items from the Lobby your account into the game, click PURCHASES to bring up the list of assets available to you. Click each individual asset you’d like to import to your Spirit Bank.

D. To create your Kingdom:

  1. Click WORLDS
  2. Click KINGDOMS
  5. Click ENTER WORLD

E. In order to enter your EK, you will first need to CREATE A CHARACTER. (See more on this below.)

F. Once your character is loaded into the EK, hit the B-key to open your Spirit Bank. (This account-level bank will be shared by all of your characters.) Your Spirit Bank will display all of the assets you imported. Right-click the deeds to import them from the bank into your Inventory.

G. To use Parcel Deeds to expand the size of your EK:

  1. Add parcels to increase EK size – From your EK, hit ESC and select the Edit Kingdom icon (the building icon). Parcels that are available to you will appear below the EK Design Grid.
  2. Drag and drop parcels onto the grid and arrange them to your liking. They will be automatically stitched in place after you click SUBMIT.
  3. Hit the M-key to bring up the in-game map of your EK.

H. To place building assets in your EK:

  1. Right click a building or asset deed to select it for placement.
  2. A transparent image of the building will appear in the game world. If it is red, the building cannot be placed there. When the image is blue, the building can be placed with a left-click of your mouse.
  3. You can pick up buildings and assets by walking up to them and following the prompts. Hold the F-key to move them, hold the G-Key to turn them back into a deed in your inventory.

I. You can also “snap” wall pieces together using SOCKETS. These are BLUE rectangular connectors that appear in Building Placement Mode. To snap pieces:

  1. Right-Click a Castle Wall deed in your Inventory to place it. Target that piece near another Castle Wall piece in the 3D world and overlap the SOCKETS to snap these pieces together.
  2. If the target location is valid, the Wall will appear BLUE. If not, it will appear RED. If the placement will successfully Socket this piece to another piece, it will turn GOLD.
  3. Left-click the mouse to place it.
  4. Hit the ESC key to cancel placement.
  5. You can pick up buildings and assets by walking up to them and following the prompts. Hold the F-key to move them, hold the G-Key to turn them back into a deed in your inventory.

J. Other EK settings – From your EK, hit ESC and select the Edit Kingdom icon (the building icon). Here, you can change the name of your EK, toggle on/off Public or Private (default is Private), and toggle on/off PVP (default is Off).


A. Before you enter a Campaign or Eternal Kingdom, you will need to choose a vessel. You'll first see the character creation screen. Here you can cycle through the available Race/Class combinations. (See the Crows and Vessels FAQ for more information about this game system.)

B. During character creation, you will be able to name your vessel and customize its appearance.

C. To change vessels, log out of the Campaign or EK and choose a different vessel.

D. New characters enter the world without equipment. (See the HARVESTING and CRAFT WEAPONS AND ARMOR sections below to learn how to outfit your character.)

E. Here are the basics for character movement:

F. If you die in the world, you will appear at a Temple in spirit Crow form. Your inventory (any non-equipped items) will be left on your cairn where you died. You have two options:

G. You can transfer items to all of the characters on your account using the Spirit Bank.

Where the Skill Tree is account-based passive training, Talents are vessel-based active training. Talents will open up additional powers, stats, and even Discipline slots.

A. Talent points will be accrued on a vessel through sacrificing items to the gods or battling monsters. When you've accrued enough experience points to level up your vessel, a number of Talent points will be granted.

B. You can press the N-key to open your Talent tree (or, from the inventory screen, click Talents).

C. In the lower right corner, you'll see how many talent points you have to spend, and how many you've already spent.

D. Click a node to bring up that node's description.

E. Click Rank Up to add a point to that node. Nodes further down the tree will only become available after previous nodes have been opened.

F. Once points are spent, they cannot be reclaimed, so make your choices carefully! Each new vessel will start at level one and its Talents will be customized individually.

SlottingPassivePowers RC1-1024x439

The Combat Powers tray is located at the bottom of your screen. The tray will be empty when you create a new vessel, and you'll need to unlock the powers through the Talents system.

A. To load out Powers:

  1. Hit the K-key to bring up your Spell Book.
  2. Drag any power from the upper section to the lower power bar to load it out. You get powers from unlocked Talents and any equipped Disciplines. (See more on Disciplines below.)
  3. The purple icons are Passive Powers. These are effects that give you benefits passively. (You don’t have to do anything other than load them out!)
  4. You can load out Passive powers by dragging them into the Passive Power slots on the combat tray.
  5. You can only load tray-appropriate powers into each Stance; for example, you cannot put any offensive powers in the Survival tray.

B. To use Powers:

  1. Hit the corresponding number key for that power (1 through 0).
  2. Powers have cooldown timers. Once used, the icon will be grey with a white number counting down until that power can be used again.
  3. Every Race and Class has unique sets of Powers. Some Powers require the use of Health, Mana, or Stamina, and others will have unique mechanics.
  4. There are different stances which allow for different actions. Not all stances are available to all Classes.
    • H = Survival stance where you can harvest resources.
    • Z = Melee combat stance.
    • U = Ranged combat stance.
    • V = Stealth stance.
  5. With a weapon equipped, you will be able to use your Combat Powers.


A. You can harvest resources to collect the materials you'll need for Crafting.

B. Your new character can obtain wood by approaching a tree and using the left mouse click to begin attacking it (make sure you're in the Survival tray by presssing H). As you attack the tree, wood will spawn in the world. Walk over the items to collect them.

C. There are different types of resources to be harvested:

D. Basic resources may be gathered in Eternal Kingdoms. Better, higher-quality resources may be found in Campaign Worlds. More advanced Campaigns will have higher quality resources.

CraftingStations Concept Watermarked


A. Use the J-key to open the Crafting interface.

B. Click the categories in the left-side menu to expand the Crafting menu for a list of recipes. You will only see basic recipes unless you use a crafting table and have the requisite skill training.

C. From your inventory in the lower right, right-click or drag items into the resource slots, and click Assemble.

D. Follow the on-screen guides to complete the crafting process.

E. To equip your character:

  1. Open your inventory using the I-key or middle mouse button. In the Equipment tab, mouse-over the Weapon Slot to see what kind of weapon this Class uses.
  2. Open the Crafting Window using the J-key.
  3. Find the recipe for this weapon in the Basic Weapons recipe list.
  4. Harvest the Wood + Stone + Ore that you will need to create a weapon of this type.
  5. Craft the Basic Weapon and equip it by opening the inventory and right click or drag that icon to the weapon slot.
  6. With a weapon equipped, you will now be able to use your Combat Powers.

F. Intermediate and advanced items require a crafting table. Advanced recipes must be unlocked through training various nodes in the crafting skill tree.


A. You can use Disciplines to customize your character. These are basically sub-classes that grant additional attributes, powers, and even equipment slots.

B. Discipline slots must be unlocked through the Talent system. Each character can have a maximum of two Major Disciplines, one Weapon Discipline, and three Minor Disciplines.

C. To use a Discipline Runestone:

  1. Hit the J-key to bring up your Crafting Menu, then scroll to the Discipline Runestones at the bottom.
  2. Once you have crafted the Discipline Runestone, use the I-key or middle mouse button to open your Equipment screen, then click the Disciplines tab at the top of that window to reveal your Runestone slots.
  3. Drag the Discipline Runestone to one of your Runestone slots to equip that Discipline.

D. Check your Power Loadout (K-key) to see what new powers were granted by this Discipline.

E. Disciplines cannot be returned once they've been equipped. If you want to remove a Discipline to replace it, you can click and drag it out of the slot to destroy it.

Crowfall TugOfWar Meter Watermarked-1024x280


A. Campaign World testing began in Summer 2017 with an experimental Campaign called “Tug of War”. Click here to read more about Tug of War and our future plans for Campaign Worlds.

B. In this World, the Spirit Bank will no longer allow you to move infinite resources in and out. Campaigns will have a specified number of imports and exports, and once these are used up you cannot import or export any more items.

D. To enter a Campaign, go to the Lobby and browse CAMPAIGNS. A list of available Campaigns will appear on the right. Select the Campaign you wish to join and click ENTER WORLD.

E. You will be prompted to select a faction: Chaos, Order, or Balance. This will be your faction for the duration of the Campaign. All vessels on your account will be tied to this faction. You cannot attack other members of your faction.

F. You will appear in the game at a Temple. In Conquest maps this is a safe space to make your first set of gear and store items in the local banks. You can only enter your own faction's Temple.

G. If you have stored items in your Spirit Bank, hit the B-key to open your Spirit Bank and right-click or click and drag to transfer those items to your character’s inventory.

H. Hit the I-key or middle mouse button to open your inventory. Right-click weapons and equipment to pop them into the appropriate slots on your character.

I. If you die in the Campaign World, you will appear at Temple or Dragon statue in spirit Crow form. You have two options:

J. In Conquest maps, the world is divided up into separate islands. Use the Runegate located in your faction's Temple to get to the mainland. Other Runegates, scattered across the island, will transport you to other islands. There are also Runegates, marked with your faction's banners, which will take you back to the Temple.

K. At the top of the screen is a widget with the current Campaign's score. The objective of the Campaign is for your faction to acquire the most points. You do so by capturing outposts (worth the fewest amount of points), towers, forts, and keeps (worth the most amount of points).

L. Press the M-key to open the map. You can view the current island you're on, as well as all connected lands through the Campaign Map. In the lower right corner you can click Campaign Scoreboard to see a summary of the current Campaign.

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