Book of Gifts, Chapter 9: 20 to 40

20 And so the children of High Prince Arkon and the Earth Mother Gaea did flourish.

21 The mortals of the worlds multiplied and took as their birthright intelligence and resourcefulness. 22 As it was Gaea’s wish that her children would prosper, 23 she sent to them her own daughter Cybele who showed them those plants which they could cultivate and eat. 24 Soon did Gaea herself appear to them, showing them how to care for the crops they sowed. 25 Then did Yaga go to them with the gift of the knowledge of harvesting. 26 With grateful hearts for the blessings of the goddesses, the farmers of the worlds worshipped them for all their days after, 27 giving thanks in turn to the Virgin, the Matron, and the Crone as their homesteads grew.

28 After an age and an age, Gaea looked upon her children and saw that they were happy 29 and that free cities had sprung up around their farms, and through those cities did they engage in commerce. 30 Again, she sent Cybele to them in celebration of their successes.

31 At the Virgin’s feet, the mortals amassed the finest offerings gathered from the land upon which they labored. 32 Among these offerings of fruit and produce and grain there were offerings of flesh from the animals that also shared these lands.

33 Upon seeing this, Cybele’s rage was great. 34 “I have given you everything you needed!” she cried. 35 “Every seed and fruit and leaf to keep you nourished and content, 36 yet you were not content and valued your lives above the lives of other creatures!”

37 In her hands, she took up the farmers and she took up the pigs from their field. 38 Into one body she combined them, thus stripping the mortals of their culture and their intelligence. 39 “So shall you be that which you devoured.”

40 Then she was away, letting these memories fade from her untroubled mind.

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