Book of Shadows, Chapter 2: 4 through 20

4 The skies wept with Her passing, and the ground itself did tremble in anguish. 5 The quiet of winter was broken, and the creatures who slumbered could find no rest. 6She awoke tired and hungry. 6 Her cave was grey with frost and her eyes were cold and hungry. 7For a moon she wandered, but no food could she find. 8 She came upon the scent of blood 6 and beneath the Great Tree found a meal, recently bled and not yet cold. 10Before she could feast, her cousin came to her. 10 He whispered to her, saying, 11 “Do your eyes fail you, Sister? Would you feast on the flesh of our Mother?” 12 Kallisto roared, angry and confused, for her cousin was wielding the tongue of Man 13 which all good creatures know to be the language of falsehoods. 14But this was no falsehood, for Gaea was dead. 15 Her eyes finally open, she cried out in anguish. “This is my fault! Whilst I slept, some villain has killed Her.” 16 and her cousin tried but could not dissuade her. 17“Never again shall I return to my cave. Never again will I slumber through winter. 18 For our Mother has left us, and spring will not come again.“ 19

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